The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1109

Alex asked, “What kind of problem?”
Xyla said, “There are others who also want the Sky Tower’s development, right? Moreover, they used more extreme means by threatening Wayne Larsen.”
“Leviathan Gate?” Alex immediately recalled.
Last time in California, the few people who tried to kidnap Phoebe Larsen were from Leviathan Gate. Then, was their goal also to get their hands on the items inside Caesar’s tomb?
Xyla said, “Wayne Larsen’s daughter was kidnapped twice, once in California and once in Michigan. But, they didn’t succeed. Just the day before yesterday, Wayne Larsen also received a death threat.
“But, this case has been taken over by the people of Divine Constabulary. Wayne Larsen also stated that he would complete the Sky Tower project’s activation as soon as possible to avoid the complications caused by the delay!”
“But, even if the project falls into our hands, we also have to avoid people from throwing a wrench in the works, or the others with hidden purpose.”
Alex rubbed his head.
He just wanted to find his father’s whereabouts. How could he get involved in such a troublesome matter? What was the item inside Caesar’s tomb? Was that key that important?
He could not understand it even if he wanted to beat his brains out. However, it would still depend on his strength.
As long as he was strong enough, he could kill a Grandmaster and a Cultivation Guru in a flash. Be it Leviathan Gate or Gokudo Soshiki, he would kill one if one were to come, he would kill ten if ten were to come.
Then, what was he afraid of?
“Is your head hurting?” Xyla gently said as she looked at him all of a sudden.
Alex waved his hand. “It’s nothing. It’s just that this matter is getting increasingly complicated. I kinda don’t know what I should do next.”
Xyla stood up and slowly walked toward Alex. She reached out her hands to massage his head.
“Uh, you…”
“Close your eyes!”
Alex was startled for a brief moment. He could feel that Xyla’s mass age technique was very professional. It was light and heavy at times. There was a supplement of inner force too. It was not worse than his.
Alex was startled for a brief moment. He could feel that Xyla’s mass age technique was very professional. It was light and heavy at times. There was a supplement of inner force too. It was not worse than his.
As the massage went on, it started feeling quite comfortable. He might as well close his eyes obediently.
“Did you learn how to do it?” he asked.
“Ye ah. It’s comfortable, right?! Back then, my mom had a migraine, so I gave her a massage every day. She would feel a lot better after that!”
“I’ve never seen your mom. Is she still fine?”
“She passed away a long time ago.”
“Uh… Sorry!”
“It’s nothing. My mom’s body condition wasn’t good. When she gave birth to me, she was already an elderly parturient. After giving birth to me, the disease’s root was left behind. Too bad. If she could endure for another few years and meet a miracle doctor like you, there might have been some hope of curing her…”
Alex gently sighed.
Birth, old age, sickness, and death were the laws of nature.
Even if he could defy the will of heaven and changed her fate, that would still be under limited conditions. The way of destiny was illusory, mysterious, and unpredictable. Perhaps, it was destined.
Xyla had long passed the painful period of her mother’s death. At this moment, her hands that landed on Alex’s head were pulled to the back, causing the back of his head to lean onto her body. He could feel a soft tactile sensation as his head fell in between her bosom.
His heart jolted. He hesitated for five seconds. However, he still straightened his head.
After all, Xyla was Daya’s aunt. Such kind of physical contact was a bit too intimate.
To his surprise, Xyla pulled back his head again, gently placing it upon her body.
She said, “Don’t move around.”
Alex’s neck was a bit stiff. Deep down, he struggled for a while. In the end, he did not say anything nor make any retaliation.
“I’m your assistant. What’s wrong with giving you a massage?”
When Xyla said that, her face was already flushed. The speed of her heartbeat even went faster than usual. Who knew how she would be so bold to make such a move.


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