The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2020

Chapter 2020 Donald cut her off, “Mrs. Pruitt, are you sure that Nollace is dead?” 

Sandy answered, “I… didn‘t see the body, but I‘ve called Bear a few times, and his phone is switched off. Something must have happened to him.” Donald said, “Bear is a very good fighter. Nollace wouldn‘t be his match under normal circumstances. Hmph! I guess I underestimated him. But if Bear was sacrificed, Nollace must not be alive.” 

“What should I do now?” asked Sandy. 

“Find out whether Nollace really died. I‘ll send someone to pick you up from the pier on the 25th and bring you to the East Islands. Don‘t worry. I‘ll fulfill the promise I made. Once I get the support of Mr. Puzo on the East Islands, I‘ll be the next king of Yaramoor.” After their call ended, Colton removed his earphones. 

He was unaware that Donald was coveting the crown. 

‘East Islands… It looks like Nollace‘s information was correct. It‘s already the 20th, so only five days are left.‘ 

“Let someone tell Mrs. Pruitt about Nollace‘s death so she thinks he‘s not around anymore. After five days, if Donald‘s men send someone to pick her up, we‘ll intercept them and send someone pretending to be Donald‘s men to pick her up.” 

If Donald could pretend to be a foreign ambassador to pick her up, they would use the same idea to hijack the plan. Once they detained Sandy, they would hand her over to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs so that the ministry could hand her to the royal family of Yaramoor. Donald‘s well–planned arrangement would end with Sandy. Even if he was in the East Islands, if the politics of Yaramorr was involved, it would become a hot potato for the people there as well. The underground gangs had power over the East Islands but wouldn‘t get involved with politics and turn their backs against the country just for Donald. The bodyguard nodded. “Yes, sir.” 

Two days later, at Taylorton… 

Daisie got out of the car and saw a familiar car parked outside the courtyard. She immediately smiled and dashed to the villa. “Nolly! 

Edison walked down the stairs, saw Daisie, and froze at the bottom of the stairs. “Ms. Vanderbilt?” Daisie walked toward him. “Is Nolly back?” “Um…” Edison looked back and hesitated. “I’m sorry, he‘s not back yet.” Daisie‘s smile faded when she heard that. “I thought he was back…” It had been a while since Nollace last contacted her. She thought of something and asked, “Did something happen to him?” 

Edison avoided her eyes. “Of course not, Ms. Vanderbilt. Don‘t worry. Mr. Knowles is still handling the issues with Donald and is busy. It wouldn‘t be surprising if he didn‘t contact you.” 

“Really?” Daisie squinted. “You didn‘t lie, did you?” 

Edison forced a smile. “I wouldn‘t dare.” 

He felt guilty for saying that but had promised Colton that before Nollace was found, he wouldn‘t tell Daisie. He believed that Nollace was still alive too

Daisie walked to the couch sadly and sat down. “He promised to take my calls and reply to my messages so I wouldn‘t worry.” 1 Edison walked to her. “Ms. Vanderbilt, I know you‘re worried about him, but he just doesn‘t want to get you involved.” 

“I know.” Daisie pressed her lips together and lowered her head. “He always cares so much about me but never thinks for himself. I‘m really worried about him.” Edison‘s jaw clenched, and his voice was coarse. “Just wait a little longer. He‘s just busy. He‘ll get in touch…”


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