The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1110

“Everything will be alright. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Once the Sky Tower project is initiated, the Stoermers of Michigan will fully assist you. The top down Stoermers definitely won’t be careless when there’s an errand. This is what my dad said.”
Alex said, “Your father is considerate.”
After a while, the three people, Brittany, Maya, and Holly, returned from Michigan to Califomia. They went straight to Rockefeller Manor.
Looking at Rockefeller Manor that had reverted to its previous state, she was overwhelmed with all sorts of feelings. Recalling the dribs and drabs of herself used to live here and various slices of life, she could not help but burst into tears.
“Mom, Rockefeller Manor is back. You should be happy!” Maya said with concern as she supported Brittany by the arm.
“Right, right, right. I should feel happy.”
The few people met with Alex, Waltz, Xyla, and the others. The entire place was filled with a joyous and harmonious atmosphere.
Before Alex came back from the hospital earlier, he bought a lot of vegetables.
So, they cooked at home in the afternoon.
The few women worked together. They did not need Alex’s help at all.
Half a day passed by in a blink of an eye.
During the period, Alex received a call from Dorothy regarding the angioma’s condition inside Claire’s brain. She consulted him for his advice. According to the hospital’s examination report, it was shown that there was indeed an angioma with a width of two centimeters and a length of three centimeters inside Claire’s brain, but the location was rather precarious. It would be quite difficult to perform a surgery operation, and the risk was very great. The cardiovascular and cerebrovascular expert did not recommend surgery right away but to implement conservative treatment. Alex told her that he could help her deal with it if Claire was willing to do so.
However, Claire might not believe in him.
At 5 pm, Alex received a call from Cheryl.
“Are you going to my house tonight? I’ve already told my grandpa. My grandma has prepared food at home, welcoming your honorable presence.”
Alex smiled. “That’s good. It’s been a long time since I last tried your grandma’s cooking.”
“Then, hurry and come over. I’ll be waiting for you downstairs.”
When Alex drove over there, he saw Cheryl lively standing downstairs. She was wearing a long purple skirt with a waistband, causing the parts below her waist and bottom to look particularly charming. The curvy figure was accentuated.
When the two people went upstairs after meeting with each other, they saw an old lady.
“Oh my, Dr. Cheryl. Is this man your partner? He looks so handsome! His appearance is almost as good as my Harper!”
Alex felt good when he heard the first half of her sentence. Unexpectedly, his mood returned to its original state after hearing the final sentence from the old lady.
Cheryl said with a smile, “Oh, it’s Grandma Three. Has your Harper found a job?”
Upon hearing it, the old lady was dejected. “Sigh. Say, what kind of judgment do the senior executives of the big companies nowadays have? My Harper is smart and capable. His practical abilities have been stronger than other kids since childhood. How could they just be reluctant to accept him? They’re really blind.”
After a few words, Cheryl dragged Alex into her house.
She said to Alex with a smile, “That’s Grandma Three’s grandson. He has great ambition but little talent. He couldn’t even graduate from high school, yet she kept boasting about him. She has spoiled him since childhood. A few years ago, she even wanted me to marry him!”
As she spoke, she started laughing.
After entering the house, James Coney came and welcomed Alex passionately.
However, the Coney family’s grandma said there was still a pot of chicken that had not been cooked. They had to wait for a while.
James smiled and said, “Cheryl, then you should take Alex to your room and sit for a while. You, young people, have common topics. Just chat. I’ll call you guys when it’s ready.”
After he finished speaking, he even winked at his granddaughter.
Cheryl felt embarrassed, but she still dragged Alex to her room.
It happened that Alex also had something to discuss with Cheryl alone.
However, just after Alex and Cheryl entered the room and when James and the old lady were secretly discussing how to matchmake the two people, someone knocked on the door.
When James went over and opened the door to take a look, he was immediately furious. “You brute, what are you doing here? You’re not welcomed at my house. Get out of here right now!”


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