The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2019

Chapter 2019 Something flashed across Sandy‘s mind, which brought back a sinister smile to her face. “Mr. Goldmann, you‘re such a cruel man. I‘m guessing you‘re going to kill Deedee and pin it on me?” 

Colton smirked with calm eyes. “I can‘t be even more ruthless than you are.” 

Sandy shuddered because she had underestimated the Goldmanns. 

She thought that Nollace was a cruel man, but Colton was going to kill Deedee and frame her just to send her to prison. She laughed. “I knew it! Freyja cares so much about Deedee that she would abandon her own child, so you must hate Deedee a lot. If you kill her, Freyja will hate you for the rest of her life.” 

His reply didn‘t contain any emotions. “I don‘t care if she hates me. So what if a woman who won‘t listen to me hates me?” 

Sandy fell silent. 

Colton looked at her and calmly said, “Why? Are you feeling bad for your daughter?” “Me? Feel bad for her?” Sandy‘s hatred was deep. “Why would I feel that way for that girl? I regret the day I gave birth to her. Seeing her cry in her crib, I wanted to strangle her to death. I felt disgusted every time she approached me, yearning for love and attention.” Colton‘s eyes were dark and sharp. Sandy continued. “After she grew up and started to look good, her only use was to marry her off to someone who could give me benefits. If Ken had been crueler to her, she would have married Donald. I hate that useless girl. She should have died instead of Ken.” Colton didn‘t speak for a long time, and then he stood up. “I guess you know that Donald is still alive.” Sandy‘s expression changed, and she turned her face away. “So what? You‘ll never find out his location from me.” “Bear is dead.” 

Sandy was shocked. “No…” 

Colton straightened his suit. “He was badly wounded and fell into the sea with Nollace. I guess that was what Donald wants to hear.” 

Sandy froze on the spot while deep in thought. 

Colton threw the bag at his feet toward her. “I‘m letting you go. Get as far away from here as possible. You‘ll end up dead if I see you in Bassburgh again.” Sandy hurriedly left because she was afraid that Colton would change his mind. The guard stopped in front of the car and watched her escape, then turned to ask Colton, who was walking over, “Sir, are we letting her get away?” Colton sat in the car, calmly picked up his laptop, put on his Bluetooth earphones, and said,” How would we find Donald‘s whereabouts if we didn‘t let her go?” 

The guard suddenly understood that Colton had intentionally let her go. Sandy would contact Donald once she was free and even might want to get over to tell him that Bear had died along with Nollace. 

As expected, Colton heard Sandy make a call to Donald through his earphones. Before returning her phone, he had bugged its, but Sandy didn‘t know someone was listening to her, calls. 

Sandy said. “Mr. Matthews, Bear and Nollace are no longer alive. I‘ve avenged my son, but I have nowhere to go now. What you‘ve promised me…”


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