The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1114

He asked indifferently, “Do you know what I fed you? That’s called a heart-devouring parasite. It’ll accompany you for the rest of your life. It’ll exist inside your body till the moment you die!”
Upon hearing it, Franklin’s face was full of horror.
Even Levi’s entire body trembled. He had seen it before in the ancient records at the Witch Doctor Sect. The heart-devouring parasite was an extremely terrifying parasite. Once it was planted in one’s body, there was no way to remove it. It would integrate with the heart as one. One would have to take the antidote every once in a while, or the parasite would slowly devour his heart. Even if his father were to come over, he would not be able to remove the parasite.
Once a man was inflicted with such a parasite, his entire life would be done for. He must take orders from the others.
He took a glance at the man next to him.
That man was someone from the Witch Doctor Sect, he was his personal bodyguard. Although his strength could not be compared to the Four Great Ghost Servants, there was a tiny difference. This bodyguard was a living person who had his own thoughts and communicated with him, unlike the Ghost Servants.
They were tantamount to tools.
The bodyguard nodded at Levi subtly and silently stood in front of him. At this moment, Levi took out a scarlet talisman, patting it on his chest.
The coercion from Alex was instantly wiped out. Levi ferociously jumped and rushed out like an old cat. He broke the window and jumped out of the seven story high building right away.
“Hmph! Running away?” Alex snorted coldly.
He reached out to grab him through the air.
The air surrounding Levi’s body froze. A large invisible hand seemed to have appeared and fiercely squeezed him, causing his body to stop moving in mid-air yet unable to fall down. Moreover, his entire body seemed like it was about to explode from the squeezing. Even his tongue and eyeballs protruded, as if he were Monkey King being squeezed by Buddha.
At this moment, the bodyguard suddenly made his move. Two daggers unknowingly appeared in his hands. This man was extremely cunning. His attack target was not Alex, but Cheryl and James next to him.
Forced by the attack, Alex had to save them.
Alex decisively gave on Levi. With a speed of lightning, he caught the two flying daggers with his hands.
He held the daggers hard, crushing them into crumbs. Franklin shuddered with fear after witnessing the scene. He had never seen a strange scene in his entire life. If he could reverse the time, he would never have accepted Witch Doctor Sect’s betrothal gifts or returned to this house. However, it was all too late. At first, he thought the elderly and children at home could be manipulated at will. Never did he expect that this would be a huge abyss. It was too late for regrets.
“Die!” Alex gently let out a breath. A slap landed across the bodyguard’s face.
The bodyguard was slapped and sent flying out of the window broken by Levi earlier. While his body was still in mid-air, his head and neck made a huge 360 degrees turn. He was beaten to death right there and then.
It was almost the same time when Levi fell to the ground, the bodyguard’s corpse fell next to him.
Levi spat a mouthful of blood. His arm was also broken, and three pieces of his ribs were broken from the squeeze.
At this moment, he dared not even stay there for half a second. He hurriedly ran away while enduring the pain.
“Someone jumped off the building! Someone jumped off the building!”
Screams were heard from downstairs.
Many elderly women dancing in the square happened to see someone falling to the ground. They were shocked to the core.
Alex took a glance downstairs and frowned slightly. He gave Anna Coleman a call. “Anna, are you in California now? Come and settle a corpse!”


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