The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1113

“Young Master Bayer, why are you kneeling before this brat? What is he even? He’s not even qualified to carry your shoes, and he’s worse than a pile of sh*t…”
Franklin could not see what was so terrifying about Alex at all.
When Alex grabbed Levi through the air, he could not even see the mechanics behind it. How could he know the fear in Levi’s mind now? Without the Four Great Ghost Servants, he could not even retaliate Alex at all with his little cultivation base.
He wanted to scold Franklin so that he would stop talking.
However, he could not even speak now. Under the suppression of Alex’s mental power, his entire body broke out in cold sweats, leaving only deep fear inside him.
“You there, kneel too!” Alex said indifferently to Franklin.
Franklin laughed heartily. “What did you say? You want me to kneel? Are you even qualified…”
As soon as he finished speaking, he uncontrollably fell to his knees.
‘Huh?! W-what happened to me? Why did I kneel?’
Just as Franklin’s mind was full of panic because of his unbelievable behavior, Alex slapped him across the face.
Half of Franklin’s face was swollen from the slap as he bled from his mouth.
Alex said, “Do you know why I slapped you? It’s because you’re unfilial! You eloped with another woman for decades and didn’t look after your aged parents, leaving them with no one to depend on. They even had to endure criticisms from others. You deserve to be beaten!”
Franklin’s face was burning hot as anger rose in his heart, but he could not say a single word. He could only stare at Alex with his eyes widened.
It was another slap.
The slap made the granny’s face twitch, but she did not say anything in the end. She was too disappointed with her son. At first, she thought her prodigal son had returned. Never did she expect that he came to sell off his daughter. She would rather not want her son…
She closed her eyes, seemingly in pain, then she turned around and entered the kitchen.
Even if her son were to be beaten to death, he deserved it too. She did not want to care about him anymore. “This slap is for your malice. You don’t deserve to be a father. You only bring endless pain to your daughter. Not only did you not raise her, but you even want to sell your daughter for profit!”
Smack! Smack! Smack!
It was another three slaps after that.
After Alex made the three slaps, a few teeth of Franklin fell out
“These three slaps are to tell you that I shall not be insulted!”
“If it weren’t for you being Old Man Coney’s son, you would have turned into a corpse now!”
As he spoke, he looked at the grandfather and grandchildren of the Coney family. He rummaged in his pocket and took out a bottle. After getting a soybean sized pill out of the bottle, he flicked it into Franklin’s mouth.
Only then was Franklin able to speak.
He touched his throat. “You… What did you just feed me?!”
However, as soon as he finished speaking, he felt that something was not right There was a strange spontaneous itch from his throat to belly. He could not help wanting to scratch the skin with his hands. With a few swipes from the scratches, his skin started bleeding, followed closely by immense pain. Franklin fell to the ground and rolled around, holding his stomach and howling.
“I… I’m in so much pain. What is this thing? Help! Help! Dad, hurry and save me! Please, hurry and save me!”
He kept wailing as his tears and snivels fell at the same time.
However, James remained unmoved. “It serves your right, you brute. If you had known it would come to this, why did you do those things? This is the retribution that you deserve. Even if you die in front of me today, I won’t even beg a word for your sake.”
Franklin crawled up with difficulty and knelt before Alex. He groveled and knocked his head on the ground for forgiveness. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I was wrong. Please spare me! I… I’m still Cheryl’s dad…”
Alex snapped his finger.
Franklin’s condition went away.


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