The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2023

Chapter 2023 Maisie took a deep breath to calm herself down and asked, “So, did you manage to find him?” Colton fell silent for a while before replying, “Not yet.” “Alright. I‘ll go get your sister later. As for Nollace, since he‘s your brother–in–law, I don‘t care if he‘s alive or dead or if he‘s maimed or still intact. You need to get him back, understand?” 

Maisie hung up the call after she finished her sentence. Saydie was sitting opposite her, so she heard her conversation with Colton. “Ma‘am, did something happen to Mr. Knowles?” 

Maisie massaged her forehead and said, “I‘ve been wondering why they refuse to make their relationship public after getting their marriage certificate. It turns out that it‘s because of Donald. I didn‘t expect Nollace to go to the extent of risking his own life for Daisie‘s safety.” 

She felt that Nollace was very similar to Nolan back then. 

She had full faith in Nollace‘s ability, and it was true that she felt assured of entrusting Daisie to him. However, it was never in her wildest dream that Nollace would risk his own life this way. If something happened to him, the one who would suffer would be Daisie. Saydie narrowed her eyes and said, “I heard of Donald when I was working under Strix. He‘s a vengeful and cruel person. Once he has set his eyes on something, he will stop at nothing to get it.” 

Maisie looked at her and asked, “Aren’t you and Quincy going to Morwich with my godfather? Why did you guys come back so early?” Strix‘s health had deteriorated greatly throughout the years. Strix had helped Saydie a lot in the past, so she resigned to take care of him. 

Quincy had been rushing here and there, taking care of the company since Colton had not returned to Zlokova yet three years ago. It was only after Colton took over the company that he left for Morwich to look for Saydie. 

Saydie put down the cup and smiled. “Strix has sent me on an assignment to the East Islands.” 

Maisie was stunned. “My godfather asked you to go there?” 

She nodded. “Metropolis has been in an unstable state while Strix is away to recuperate from his illness. Some ambitious members even have started to make their movements as they want to seize Strix‘s position and assets. Strix‘s monopoly business in Morwich has left him with huge assets, and it‘s a huge pie that anyone would like to take a bite of. If Strix has an accident, Metropolis will be torn apart.” Maisie frowned. Strix‘s group was the largest in North Ancora. He did not have any children in his life, so many people were interested in his position and his huge fortune. 

After all, no one could resist such a big pie. Maisie picked up her cup and asked, “There are other forces targeting Metropolis?” Saydie sighed. “The Skull Club, some forces in Ora, and some of the underground gangs in the 

East Islands. Therefore, Strix wants me to bring a secret document and go to the East Islands to look for Sunny Southern. The influence of Mr. Southern‘s group in East Eurasia matches that of the underground gangs in Ora. If Metropolis can form an alliance with Mr. Southern, it can deter them.” Sunny Southern and Fabio Puzo each occupied half of the East Islands. They had a clear separation of territory and management. Neither of them could interfere with each other‘s ? power easily, and they were relatively wary of each other. Besides, it was rumored that the Southerns were filled with combat specialists, and the men working under Sunny were all very good in combat. 

Unlike Fabio, who acted in a high–profile manner in Ora, the Southerns were very low–key, and their power was spread all over East Eurasia. 

Some members were normal businessmen, while the others were fishermen, restaurant owners, and cab drivers. The Southerns did not engage in usury or illegal business. However, they were even more terrifying than those people in Ora.


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