The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1112

“What is this guy doing here?”
However, he understood it soon after. This guy came to propose marriage to Cheryl.
“What did you say? You want to marry my granddaughter, Cheryl?” James stared at Franklin with a hostile look in his eyes. Even his voice went up an octave. Then, he turned to Levi. “Oh, here I was wondering who it was! It’s you, the guy who pretended to be an Immortal Doctor.”
James did not pay attention to him earlier. Now, he could recognize him quickly.
“Aren’t you pregnant with a haunting fetus? Why would you still want to take a wife for? Besides, my granddaughter already has a partner. Her partner is a real Immortal Doctor. How dare you, a defeated weakling, try to snatch her away?”
Levi let out a scream with an ‘ah’!
He finally remembered.
Wasn’t the legendary doctor of California in front of him the very same old man who stood together with Wallace Yoke and scowled coldly at him in Triangle River Delta Medical Exchange earlier?
It was just that he was arrogant and did not care about people like Legendary Doctor Coney. His gaze was only fixated upon Wallace and Alex. He did not even know who he was.
Now that he recognized him, his face turned pale. It was because he suddenly recalled that he saw Cheryl before.
It was the woman with huge buttocks standing next to Alex who held his arm that day. He even once asked Cheryl to dump Alex and live with him, only to be scolded harshly in the end.
To snatch a woman away from Alex… He would dare to do it before this. However, now that the Four Great Ghost Servants had just died, he really would not dare to do so!
However, how could Franklin know Levi’s thoughts?
Seeing his father did not agree, he was immediately incensed. “Cheryl is my daughter. It’s up to me to decide whoever she’s going to marry. You have no right to call the shots!”
James was furious. “Bull*hit, are you even considered Cheryl’s dad? Let’s see if she would accept you as her dad!”
Franklin said, “Anyway, I’ve received the betrothal gifts. Even if she doesn’t want to marry this time, she’d still have to get married! The marriage that I’ve found for her is one in a million. Husband, could it be that you don’t know the identity of Young Master Bayer? He’s the son of Witch Doctor Sect’s sect master, with a lofty status. Just look at all the sons of those bigwigs. Which one of them could be compared with Young Master Bayer? Don’t you ever throw a wrench in the works. Where’s my daughter Cheryl? Call her out!”
At this moment, the door to Cheryl’s room opened. Cheryl walked out of the room. She could not bear to listen to the conversation any longer.
If she ever kept listening to it, she would vomit blood out of anger.
“Who’s your daughter? Does a brute like you deserve to have a daughter too? My marriage has nothing to do with you! None of the matters in my entire life has anything to do with you!” Cheryl coldly said and looked at Franklin without a hint of emotion in her eyes.
On the other hand, there was not much emotional fluctuation when he looked at Cheryl.
Instead, he looked at Alex behind her and admonished, “Who is he? What’s your relation to him?”
Cheryl said, “None of your business! But, if you have to know. He’s my man!”
“Bullsh*t! From now on, your man can only be Young Master Bayer! I’ve already betrothed Young Master Bayer to you. You’ll go with Young Master Bayer tonight!” Franklin then shot a cold glare at Alex. “You, get lost right now! Otherwise, you will die before you know it if you ever offend Young Master Bayer.”
Alex gently smiled. “Really?”
He did not even deign to look at Franldin, but he turned to Levi. “Do you also want my woman?”
Levi really wanted to kill himself by running headlong into the wall now.
He never expected that the partner of the marriage proposal arranged by his father would be Alex’s woman.
“I… I don’t!” Levi’s legs trembled as he wanted to run away.
However, Alex grabbed the air, holding Levi right away.
Seeing Levi kneeling on the ground with a thud, Franklin was dumbfounded with his mouth agape.


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