The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1111

A man of about fifty years old was standing at the doorstep. Based on his appearance, he looked sixty or seventy percent similar to James, especially the nose. It was of the same mold.
Meanwhile, there were two other men behind the man. One of them was the young master of the Witch Doctor Sect, Levi Bayer.
The man looked at James and said with a frown, “Dad, the time has long passed. Why haven’t you learned how to control your temper yet? Look at you. You are already so old. How long more do you have to live? Could it be that you don’t want to have someone to look after you and arrange a proper burial after your death?”
It turned out that this man was James’s son and Cheryl’s father, Franklin Coney.
“Even if I’m dead, I don’t need you to give me a burial! Get lost!” James was so angry that he roared, his eyes bloodshot.
Granny Coney, who was busy in the kitchen, ran out with a spatula.
“Husband, what’s wrong? What’s wrong?”
Upon seeing the standing man at the doorstep, the granny froze, and the spatula in her hand fell to the ground. “Frank… Franklin? Y-you are back?”
Compared to James, Granny Coney’s feelings for her son were always purer.
He was her biological son, whom she had bore for nine months and raised from childhood to adulthood. Although he was a jerk, she would think of him from time to time on quiet nights. Now that she met with him, she could not help feeling only excitement.
“Mom, I’ve come back to see you.” Such a word had made tears stream down the face of the granny.
“Mom? What Mom? We don’t have a son like you. Get out of here!”
However, in the end, the granny’s heart melted as she said, “Husband, he’s already back. Just let him in first, and we’ll see how it goes. If he really has repented, then… Then, we might as well give him a chance to atone for his sins.”
Meanwhile, Alex and Cheryl, who were in the room, naturally heard the ruckus outside.
Cheryl only heard someone talking, but she could not hear the contents of the conversation. On the other hand, Alex could hear everything clearly.
Cheryl asked, “Looks like someone is here. Shall we go and take a look?”
Alex had a strange look in his eyes. “It’s up to you.”
But then, Cheryl could hear Franklin’s voice due to his increased speaking voice. In that instant, her face turned pale, and her eyes were also filled with extreme resentment and indifference. “T-that brute has come back.”
Both her hands trembled slightly as if her entire soul had become turbulent because of the man’s presence. It could be seen that Franklin had left such a heavy blow in her life!
Alex gently grabbed Cheryl hand.
After feeling the power passed from Alex’s hand, only then did Cheryl’s mood improve a little. After that, she even pounced onto Alex and gently said, “Hold me, okay?”
Alex hesitated for a while. Finally, he still reached out his hands to hug her and comforted her, “If you don’t wish to see him, then we won’t go out there. Just hide in the room. I believe your grandpa can handle it well.”
Cheryl nodded without saying anything.
Meanwhile, Alex suddenly thought of Beatrice Ass*x in his mind. The two people’s experiences were extremely similar.
In this way, he felt that he could give Beatrice a bit more leniency when facing her again. Due to her father’s adultery and her mother’s death from depression, Cheryl’s entire life had undergone a tremendous change resulting in an emotional obstacle in her mind. It was already rare for Beatrice to be able to act heartlessly as if nothing had happened.
“Let us hear what they’re talking about outside,” Alex whispered.
At the time, he even released a wave of spiritual consciousness to the outside.
Compared to when he had just advanced to Divine Transcendence, his current spiritual consciousness’s strength and detection ability had improved slightly. But for now, it could travel for about five meters at most. When Franklin and the others were at the doorstep earlier, he still could sense them. He could sense them after they had entered the house.
When he saw Levi, he was a little startled.


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