The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2022

Chapter 2022 That was the real reason Donald would send someone to pick up Sandy. Sandy was just his pawn, so it went without saying that he did not care if she was dead or alive. He just needed to make sure that Nollace was thoroughly dead. 

The bodyguard frowned. “But the search and rescue team couldn‘t find anything in Donkery River after so many days. Besides, it was pouring that night, and the river was stormy. Even Bear‘s corpse was washed to the pier of Donkery River about 9 miles away. I‘m afraid Mr. Knowles – ” 

Before he could finish his sentence, Colton was stunned as he looked at Daisie, who was standing not far away. Daisie froze on the spot, her face slowly turning bloodless. “Colton, what did you guys say just now!?” 

“Daisie!” Colton did not intend to tell Daisie about it. Even though he was going to tell her, he wanted to wait until he confirmed that Nollace was dead. Besides, he believed that Nollace might still be alive, but now it seemed like Daisie had overheard their conversation. 

He hurriedly walked up to her and grabbed her shoulder. “Daisie, listen to me…” 

“Nolly… Something happened to him, right? And you all know about it already?” asked Daisie, her eyes turning glassy as the light was leaving them. 

They all already knew about what had happened to Nollace, but they kept her in the dark Colton took a deep breath and said, “We haven‘t confirmed that he‘s dead yet. Of course, I believe he‘ll survive, so you must have faith in him.” 

“Have faith in him? How the heck should I have faith in him?” Daisie‘s body was trembling when the nightmare she had the other day came back to her mind. “All of you are lying to me. You‘re keeping me in the dark. If I hadn‘t overheard your conversation, were you guys going to keep hiding it from me?” Colton clenched her shoulder tightly but loosened his grip in the end. What was done couldn‘t be undone. If Nollace were really dead, she would learn about it sooner or later. 

Setting his jaw tightly, Colton said, “I‘m sorry, Daisie. I didn‘t mean to hide it from you. I‘m just hoping that he‘s still alive. What if we find him, and…” 

Daisie lowered her head. After a long while, she said with a parched voice, “It‘s okay, Colton. I believe that Nolly is still alive.” 

Colton was stunned. She did not cry when she learned the news. Instead, she was calm. She had numbed feelings. Her face was devoid of any emotion, and she looked just like an empty shell. Her soul had left her body and was being dragged down into the abyss of darkness like a spider web. Rather than saying that she believed in Nollace, she was lying to herself. She did not believe that Nollace was still alive. It was just that her heart was dead, and her despair had extinguished her pain. 


“Colton, ask him to take me back.” 

Daisie opened the door and got into the car. Theni, she did not say anything anymore. 

Colton looked at the bodyguard, and the latter felt upset. He nodded and said, “I‘ll send her back to Taylorton safely.” 

Colton watched as the car left the courtyard. He massaged his nose and felt disappointed in himsell. 

After they arrived at Taylorton, the bodyguard followed Daisie and got out of the car as he was worried about her. “Miss…” 

“You don‘t have to follow me.” 

Daisie then went inside the mansion without turning her head back. 

The moment she closed the door, she slumped onto the floor and shouted, “Liar!” Meanwhile, at the Goldmann mansion… 

When Maisie received Colton‘s call, she put down her cup and said with a stern face, “It‘s such a serious matter. Why did you only inform me now?” Colton replied, “I‘m sorry, Mom. It all happened so suddenly. I didn‘t expect Nollace would go missing either…” 


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