The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1120

Alex looked at Cheryl. The woman winked at him.
Fine. The beautiful doctor loved him deeply. They had even kissed and hugged. If he were to deny it at this time, it would hurt her feelings. Moreover, it would also embarrass her very much. How could he possibly do such a thing?
After about of chatter, Alex learned that Hubert’s family was in dire straits.
“My Gordon family in Missouri was also a top notch great family before. But, a major event happened some time ago and caused my Gordon family’s business to meet its Waterloo. If we can’t survive this crisis, our Gordon family might have to face the danger of bankruptcy. Therefore, my grandpa has made an announcement. Whoever in the third generation of the Gordon family can help the family to earn a billion dollars first will be the next patriarch of the family.”
“And my father ranks the youngest in the family and is the least pleasing to my grandpa’s eyes. He is also at odds with a few of his brothers. Once he fails this competition, my family will end up in an even more difficult situation. We might be kicked out of the family without any rights of inheritance.”
Upon hearing that, Alex sighed silently.
It was another drama of struggling for power in an aristocratic family.
In reality, he had already experienced it twice in the Ass*x family and the Rockefeller family.
Cheryl said, “What major event happened in Missouri that could make your family so miserable?”
Hubert said, “I wonder if you guys have heard of the eight great royal families of America before?”
“Uh..?” Alex was slightly startled.
At this moment, Thea could not help saying, “He’s just a down and out young master who lives in such a small place like California. How could he possibly know about the eight great royal families? You have overestimated him.”
Alex sneered and thought, ‘You woman, do you even know anything? If you were to know that the Stoermers revere me and the Colemans would die for me, you might wet your pants out of fear.’
However, he did not plan to show off his capability.
Hubert said, “The eight great royal families of America are the eight supreme families passed down from ancient times of the Golden Era. In our Missouri, there’s the Coleman family of Missouri. It’s one of the royal families. But, the Colemans of Missouri had a major incident some time ago, and they were almost annihilated! Now, most of the properties have fallen into the hands of the Stoermers of Michigan. And, my Gordon family has ties of kinship with the Coleman family. Many of our businesses rely upon the help of the Coleman family. Now the Coleman family is powerless to fend for themselves, our Gordon family suffers a great catastrophe.”
Alex touched his nose.
To his surprise, the Gordon family and the Coleman family were related.
The current predicament of the Gordon family was tantamount to an indirect cause by himself.
At this moment, Hubert whispered, “Alex, do you know how the Coleman family suffered heavy losses? I heard that someone called Master Rockefeller had appeared in your Califoniia. Oh right, he even has the same last name as yours. This Master Rockefeller could summon lightning with his bare hands and has even killed a martial Grandmaster from the Coleman family. He had destroyed the first genius of America, Tristan Coleman, too. In the end, he allowed the Stoermers to grab a bargain. Have you ever heard of this Master Rockefeller in California?”
Thea next to him said again, “He hasn’t heard a damn thing! That Master Rockefeller is such an expert. He’s an existence that even the royal families have to bow their heads to. Do you think he would know about it just because his last name is also Rockefeller?”
However, Cheryl silently squeezed Alex’s hand. She pinched his hand lightly with her fingernails.
She had also heard of Alex’s alias, it was Master Rockefeller.
In addition to the relationship between him and Daya, she could determine with high probability that the person was Alex Rockefeller.
Hubert smiled. “Yeah, you’re right. That Master Rockefeller keeps an air of mystery about him. How could ordinary people like us know about him? Even if we have heard about him, it was of extreme luck. If we could meet him in person for once, then we could die without any regrets.”
Thea said, “Hubert, we heard about him because we are of the upper class society, whereas they are just civilians at the bottom of the society. To them, Master Rockefeller is equivalent to myth. It’s like preaching to deaf ears by talking to them about it! Alright, the plane is going to take off now. I’ll just close my eyes and take a nap!”
Cheryl glanced at Thea. “Hmph. How do you know that we haven’t seen him before?”


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