The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2031

Chapter 2031 Daisie recalled something and pouted. “If he‘s safe, why hasn‘t he contacted me or returned?” Didn‘t he know how worried she was? She really thought that she would never see him again. Waylon sighed. “He wouldn‘t feel safe to be with you as long as Donald is alive. “Daisie, Nollace pays a lot of attention to details. He wouldn‘t put his life in danger if he wasn‘t sure. He wants to be with you, so he‘ll have to remove all obstacles first. You have to trust him.” 

Daisie looked down. 

She knew what was on Nollace‘s mind. He would always protect her. No matter what he did, even if he had his flaws, he had never hurt her. She didn‘t need to love a perfect man as long as it was Nollace. 

Nicholas tossed the bait into the water, which started a ripple and slowly said. “That child was very lucky.” 

Waylon chuckled. “He is. How do you even escape when you‘ve been pulled underwater? Mr. Southern even saved him.” 

“Mr. Souther?” Nicholas paused and squinted while he searched his memory. “He‘s the leader of the Southern Clan in the East Islands.” 

“You know him?” 

Nicholas chuckled. “I have never met him but have heard of him. Sunny Southern of the East Islands, the hero of Southeast Eurasia. His family was from the Kong Ports, and he was born into a family of martial artists. He went to Southeast Eurasia when he was young and started his own business there. Sunny was an honest man and was very well respected in the area.” 

Daisie was shocked. “Is the Southern Clan powerful?” Nicholas waved his hand and smiled. “The underground gangs, Skull Club, Metropolis from Morwich, and even your great–grandfather‘s Night Banquet were more famous in Ora and North Ancora than the Southern Clan, but when it comes to influence, they were nothing compared to the Southern Clan. “Sunny Souther knows all the martial arts well and is versed in war tactics. He understands the way of life well, and if he were to be born in the past, he would have been a general. His allies are all people who are linked to politics, and he didn‘t build his network through benefits alone.” 

“Sunny Southern is a businessman but doesn‘t make friends through benefits. It‘s all through actual friendship and helping people who are in need, yet he doesn‘t bow down to anyone.” He would treat people how he was treated. It was fair and honest. That was how he lived his life. 

Waylon was deep in thought for a moment before he said, “Grandpa, what you said made me want to visit him.” Nicholas laughed and patted his shoulder. “There‘s a lot that you need to learn. There‘s no disadvantage to getting acquainted with a man like him.” 

At the East Islands, at the Southern Clan‘s Martial Arts Center… 

A group of students was training in the center, and they were all agile fighters. Nollace had only learned about hand–to–hand combat through movies. It was different from what he would usually see because they had a lot of moves and were practical in battle. It was exhilarating to watch. 

Hand–to–hand combat skills had been passed down through generations since the ancient military years. They could improve health and defend against enemies, something that could help strengthen one‘s mind. “You seem to be very interested in hand–to–hand combat.”  ne s mind. 


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