The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2030

Chapter 2030 

“Bit of a waste of her several daysworth of tears now that we know Nollace is still alive. right?” Waylon finished. 

Colton rose to his feet. “I better get to the office.” His brother considered him. “How‘s Freyja holding up?” Colton paused in his tracks. His tone was hard to decipher when he asked, “What‘s with the concern? 

Waylon chuckled. “I thought it‘s quotidian for a brother to care about his sister–in–law‘s wellbeing.” 

Colton told him she was fine before leaving the mansion altogether. 

Somewhere in the distance, atop a quiet lake, a rustic gazebo overlooked its tranquil water. Nicholas held a fishing rod in his hand and a coffee mug in the other. Nearby, a modest array of food was spread across the table. Bodyguards guarded the gazebo from a few steps away, making sure that no one would disturb their peace. 

Daisie propped her chin on the thick of her palm. She had been sitting quietly on her spot for more than half an hour by now, yet she had never seen her fishing rod do anything as much as tremble. Pouting, she murmured, “There is nothing fun about fishing.” 

The old man laughed. “You just haven‘t realized it yet. To be a part of nature and its tranquility, to let the air sail through your hair, to let the sun kiss your skin–it calms the mind and body. Setting your eyes on the float, keeping thoughts out of your mind as you wonder when a fish will bite… It‘s that moment when one finally takes the bait that electrifies them. That burst of glee and success! Doesn‘t that just brighten the day? “It‘s hard for you whippersnappers. Impatient, living life in the fast lane… Like your brother! Oh, the look on his face whenever I asked him to join me on fishing!” 

Daisie stared at the surface and mumbled under her breath, “Would have been more productive to have him work overtime.” 

The float suddenly bobbed, and ripples spread around it. 

Daisie‘s eyes widened. She could feel her rod trembling. Grinning, she pulled the line back, shouting, “It took the bite!” 

A little trout hung from the hook, struggling. “I got one, Grandpa! Look!” 

“Shhh! You‘re gonna chase my fish away!” Nicholas chuckled. Watching the girl‘s mood turning bright over a little fish was a joy. That tiny joy of fishing was enough, as it turned out. Daisie seemed to have forgotten all about Nollace and the dark clouds surrounding his whereabouts. Waylon enjoyed the high spirits in the gazebo as he headed their way. Smiling, he called out,“ Well, well, well! Fishing with Grandpa, are we?” Daisie turned sharply. She placed the rod down and lunged, throwing her arms around his neck and laughing. “Waylon!” 

Even Nicholas was surprised. “I thought you were abroad!” Waylon let his sister squeeze him. His eyes were tender as he answered, “I came back a little ahead of schedule.” Nicholas added new bait. “That‘s a miracle. I didn‘t think that old man would let you go so soon.” 

“I mean, he doesn‘t exactly have the time to micromanage me,” replied Waylon. 

Daisie looked up at her brother‘s face. “How did you know we‘re here?” 

“The butler snitched,” Waylon answered as he playfully patted her head. “He said you‘ve been rather crestfallen since Nollace‘s incident, so Dad persuaded you into becoming Grandpa‘s fishing partner.” Daisie hung her head in silence. An overcast shadowed her eyes. Waylon sighed. “God, once a woman sets her sight on a man, she doesn‘t even remember her brother anymore, does she?” “Really? You‘re making fun of me now?” she protested softly. “Chin up. Nollace lives. He isn‘t dead.” Daisie froze, and her eyes‘ luster seemed to be returning by the seconds as she let the revelation sink. “You‘re not joking, are you?” 1 Waylon ruffled her hair and chuckled tiredly. “Why would I? He just talked to me two days ago.” 

Daisie‘s heart beat faster and livelier. The glint in her eyes returned. Nollace Knowles was alive! This was the best piece of news she could have ever had.


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