The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1122

Alex took a closer look at the clothes she was wearing, especially the badge on her chest. He was even more surprised.
‘Someone from the Divine Constabulary?’
Alex naturally recognized the logo, but he would never have expected to meet a master from the Divine Constabulary on his flight to Puerto Rico. The martial arts cultivation level was the same as Sky Melvis, which was advanced Mystic rank. She couldn’t be some nobody in the Divine Constabulary.
And, Alex had never seen this woman before. Thinking about it, it was impossible that she was from the South California division.
What made Alex even more shocked was the fact that he could feel a familiar aura from this woman, as though they had met before.
However, he couldn’t quite put his finger on it.
Thea was also furious at this moment, having been slapped. “What’s wrong with putting my feet there? This plane doesn’t belong to you or your family, and you’re the one who put your face on my feet! I should be suing you for molesting my feet instead! It’s an honor for you even to touch my feet, do you know that?! Hurry up and apologize to me. Otherwise, I’ll sue you for injuring me, and you just wait to go to prison!”
The woman who had slapped her had initially planned on letting it go after that.
However, she got angry once she heard what Thea had said and lashed out to slap her again.
“An honor?”
“I’m beating you now. Isn’t that an honor?”
“You might as well have the greatest honor right now!”
Slap! Slap! Slap!
Thea’s face was swollen to the point that it looked like it might burst.
The woman’s actions were too fast. Forget about everyone else around them, even Hubert couldn’t react. It was only until Thea held her face and yelled for help from Hubert, the woman looked at Hubert coldly and said, “You better control your woman better.”
Otherwise, I’ll beat you up, too.”
Hubert trembled with fear. He could see a certain aura in the woman’s eyes, and as a descendent of the Gordon family, he had personally come into contact with many warriors. The woman in front of him gave him a feeling that she was extremely dangerous.
As he didn’t say a word, Thea couldn’t take it anymore. “Hubert Gordon, are you a man or not? My face has been beaten until it’s swollen, and you’re still not even helping me at all? What use are you, then? If you’re a man, you would stand up and help me beat her up… And you, Alex Rockefeller, you’re really a waste of space. Your companion has been bullied like this, and you didn’t even say a single word. I despise you…”
Alex didn’t expect to be dragged into the situation while he had only been enjoying the show.
He was speechless and just said, “If you dare to take your stinking feet and place them on my backrest, I will break your legs. Do you believe that?”
“Y-You! Come on then!”
At this point, everyone around basically knew what had happened.
Many of them had pulled out their phones and taken pictures of Thea. Most of the flights in America now didn’t disallow the use of handphones as long as they were on airplane mode, so it wasn’t a problem at all, and it was entirely possible to take it out to take pictures.
Countless people were pointing at Thea.
“Who is that person? Putting on airs like that. You’d never expect her to have such poor behavior.”
“Yeah, she’s really so shameless. Doesn’t she think about how the person feels when their face fell on her feet? She really doesn’t even have the basics courtesy of being a human.”
“Hey, boy, you’re her boyfriend, right? You better break up with her fast. If you really marry this sort of woman, you’ll suffer in the future. You can tell at one glanced that she’s all about taking and not giving a single thing back, and also an unclean shrew.”
Thea was about to explode right there and then.
“You, you peasants! What does it have to do with you? Who asked you to take pictures? Hurry up and delete them! Air police, where’s the air police? I want to sue her for injuring me!”


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