The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2032

Chapter 2032 

Nollace looked up. “Mr. Southern.” 

He was wearing riding gear with brown boots and was carrying a red horsewhip that looked brilliant under the sun. He looked skinny, his waist and shoulders looked different from other men, and even though he was 5‘7“, he looked weak. 

He played with the horsewhip while looking at the crowd. “If you want to join in, I could get them to teach you something, but you might not be able to handle it.” Nollace smiled and rolled up his sleeves, then walked down the stairs. “If you‘re willing to teach, I‘m willing to learn. I don‘t mind learning more.” 

Cameron crossed his arms and squinted. This man from Yaramoor was keen on learning. When the students saw Cameron walking over, they stopped. “Sir.” Cameron waved his hand and said, “This is No–1 “Neal Beck.” Nollace cut him off and calmly said, “My name.” Cameron realized that Nollace didn‘t want to expose his identity, so he played along. “Alright, Mr. Beck would like to learn from you. I hope you show him what you‘ve got so he can learn a thing or two.” The leader patted his chest. “Don‘t worry, sir. We won‘t let you down. Let‘s show him.” He then turned sideways to look at Nollace. “Please come with me, Mr. Beck.” Nollace smiled. “After you.” Nollace and that man walked up the stage while everyone stopped what they were doing to watch. 

Cameron sat in a chair under the shade while someone gave him a cup of tea. Nollace and the leader had a battle, but the man only defended while Nollace attacked. 

After a few rounds, Nollace didn‘t even get to touch the man‘s shirt. He was able to defend himself very well, as if he could tell what was coming next. 

When it was the man‘s turn to attack, Nollace almost didn‘t manage to block him. Nollace was able to tell how big a difference there was., so he took a deep breath and smiled.” I‘m too far off.” 

The man was humble. “It’s not that. You were using taekwondo attacks, which are more focused on footwork, so your attacks are limited. It‘s not as practical in hand–to–hand combat. I could teach you a thing or two.” 

Nollace was eager to learn. “Yes, please.” Cameron sat at the side sipping tea when the butler walked over. When he saw Nollace learning on stage, he stood next to Cameron in shock. “Sir, are you going to teach him combat skills?” 

He wasn‘t part of the family and was just a guest there. It would be a terrible outcome if they taught him their techniques and he turned against them. 

“My dad let him stay, so there must be some reason behind that. He‘s interested in it anyway. I didn‘t force him to learn.” Cameron blew on his tea. “Has the Kurosaki Gang done anything recently?” 

The butler replied, “No, but Ms. Serrano has been trying to bully our men just because she‘s the daughter of Joaqin. “If it weren‘t for Mr. Southern Sr.’s support, Joaqin Serrano wouldn’t be where he is today. Now that he has chosen to ignore what his daughter is doing, I‘m sure Mr. Southern Sr. will have something he‘ll want to say.“


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