The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1123

Soon, the air police arrived.
Thea Stone held her head up high and became arrogant once again because she only took off her shoes and put them on the seat’s backrest in front of her. At most, she’d be said to have uncivilized behavior, while the woman had slapped her seven to eight times, which was breaking the law.
With the backing of Missouri’s Gordon family, she would easily be able to send that b*tch to jail.
“What the hell are you guys doing? What took you so long?
“I paid money for my plane ticket, and now my safety is seriously threatened. Look at my face, I’ve been slapped, and I literally look like a pig right now. Hurry up and arrest this violent person who beats up people…”
Alex shook his head, suddenly feeling sorrow for this ridiculous woman named Thea Stone.
She wasn’t even aware of who she was going up against. In summary, this was a fool who lived in her world and buried herself in her head, feeling particularly great about herself.
In the end, not a single thing happened to the one who assaulted her. Meanwhile, Thea was given a severe warning because of her uncivilized behavior and forced to sit in the front row with one of the air police beside her.
It was equivalent to sitting in prison for the remaining two hours of the flight for Thea.
Alex turned to Hubert and said, “This Thea is completely not suitable for you!”
Hubert looked embarrassed but didn’t say anything.
Alex didn’t further offer any advice to him anymore. When feelings were involved, only the people involved knew best about it.
However, Alex finally managed to find out the reason Hubert was going to Puerto Rico. The Gordon family business was also involved in cosmeceutical. The cosmeceutical brand they operated on before this was a kind of immunization medicine, and they only had the rights to manage it because of Missouri’s Coleman family.
However, this part of the business had now fallen into the hands of Michigan’s Stoermer family.
The Gordon family wanted to continue operating it, so they needed to obtain a new authorization separately. On the other hand, Hubert found out that the manufacturer of the immunization medicine had recently launched a new product, which was why Hubert and Thea were traveling to Puerto Rico in a hurry.
Coincidentally, Hubert was heading to the place that Alex and Cheryl would stop for the night temporarily. It was a place in the inner part of Puerto Rico that they needed to pass to enter the rainforest on the western side.
It was also the only market town within a hundred miles of the local area.
More importantly, Hubert had already arranged for a helicopter. When they landed at the airport, they would transfer to the helicopter to fly directly to a small town called Morro.
This was convenient for Alex and Cheryl.
They wouldn’t have to suffer from the bumpy road a car needed to go through to get up to the mountains.
It was half past two in the afternoon when the airplane arrived at its destination.
Alex noticed the woman from the Divine Constabulary was on the phone. “I’ll be there soon. Before I meet up with you guys, don’t act rashly and just monitor closely…”
She spoke very softly, but it couldn’t escape Alex’s ears. Obviously, she was here on a mission.
She seemed to feel Alex’s focused gaze fixed on her keenly, and she shot him a cold glare. One second later, she was off the plane, still on the phone.
When the transfer to the helicopter was happening, Thea was quite unhappy. “What? The two of them are also riding in the helicopter? Are you kidding me? Hey, Alex, what the hell did you two come here for?”


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