The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2033

Chapter 2033 Cameron slowly drank his tea and chuckled. “They‘re just an organization that‘s under the Southern Clan. As long as we keep an eye on their interaction with Puzo, we don‘t need to pay attention to a girl.” 

The butler felt glad, 

All those years, Cameron had grown more into how Sunny was when he was young. He would be able to take over the family soon. However, something came to his mind, and he quietly sighed. 

If Cameron‘s real identity was exposed, the Southern Clan might have to face some tribulations because Cameron wasn‘t who people thought he was. At Bassburgh, at the Goldmann mansion… Nolan placed down the documents and raised his brows at Waylon. “You‘re going to the East Islands too?” Waylon nodded. “I heard that Aunt Saydie was going over to visit the Southern Clan, and I‘d like to meet the hero of Southeast Eurasia, Sunny Southern.” Nolan squinted and knocked his knuckle on the desk. “That‘s a messy place and out of our scope. The underground gangs of Ora have power there too.” “I know.” Waylon looked down, then calmly said, “Great–grandpa wanted me to take over the Night Banquet, but the underground gangs have been very active recently, and even the Skull Club has started building traction. If the Night Banquet continues to be in this alone, even though we don‘t have any problems with them now, it‘s best to be prepared. 

“Dad, making friends is better than making enemies when it comes to this. Great–grandpa is fine with Sunny Southern, so even if I don‘t trust the others, we can trust the Southern Clan.” 

Nolan rested his forehead on his fist and smiled. “If you‘re confident about it, go ahead. Your great–grandfather trusts you, so don‘t let him down.” 

Waylon smiled and didn‘t say anything. Daisie poked her head out from behind the door. “Waylon, Dad.” Nolan paused, looked toward the door, and frowned. “Are you listening in on us again?” 

Daisie pouted. “What do you mean ‘again‘? I just happened to overhear your conversation when I came to see Waylon.” 

Waylon shook his head, walked to her, and knocked her head because he knew. “Why do you want to see me?” 

“Do you accept?” 

“You have to ask Dad.” 

Daisie ran around Nolan and started rubbing his shoulder. “Daddy–”. 

Nolan sighed and turned to look at her. (You want to go to the East Islands to see Nollace!” 

She looked so serious. “I just want to make sure that he‘s fine. I promise I won‘t cause trouble 

to Aunt Saydie and Waylon.” Nolan rubbed the bridge of his nose. “Going there is causing trouble.” Daisie frowned. “Do you still think that I‘m a kid?” 

Nolan chuckled. “Donald is there, and Nollace has finally gotten away from you. Are you walking into their trap after announcing your marriage with Nollace?” 

She frowned and fell deep in thought. Waylon looked at her and said after a while, “Dad, Aunt Saydie will be with her. Donald might not get a chance to attack. That isn‘t his turf, either. He will have to be careful if he wants to do anything.” “You‘re right.” Nolan seemed to be worried. “But I‘m still worried about Daisie.” Daisie stood in front of Nolan and swore, “I promise I won‘t slow anyone down!” 


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