The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1125

‘She’s actually in Morro! What kind of mission would the Divine Constabulary have here?’ Alex wondered while he looked at the woman.
Alex gazing at the woman immediately made her unhappy. She had glared at him previously on the plane, and so she walked directly up to them.
“Ah! It’s that ruthless, violent woman!”
When Thea saw the woman walking toward them, she hurriedly hid behind Hubert.
She had thought that the woman wasn’t satisfied with hitting her on the plane and was planning to hit her more.
She was so frightened that she screamed out, “Y-You, don’t come here! I’m telling you, I have the backing of Missouri’s Colemans…”
However, the woman wasn’t looking at her. Instead, she rushed forward and grabbed Alex by his clothes. “What are you looking at? Have you never seen a beautiful woman? If you stare at me again, I will dig your eyeballs out.”
Alex felt it more deeply that there was some familiar connection with this woman upon their close contact.
He plastered on an innocent expression and said, “If you weren’t looking at me, how did you know I was looking at you? Besides, you’re way far off from my girlfriend in terms of appearance.”
The woman pushed him away.
She had wanted to throw Alex to the ground with that push, but she didn’t expect to see Alex’s body to seem like it had taken root to the ground, and he remained motionless. On the contrary, she felt herself pushed back by the force she had exerted.
She seemed startled.
However, because she had official duties, it wasn’t good to waste time here. So, she left as she spat, “Don’t let me see you again.”
Then, she went in.
Thea smiled. When she saw the woman grabbing Alex’s shirt, looking as though she was about to hit him, she had been excited for a bit. But, she didn’t expect that he didn’t get beaten up in the end, and felt extremely disappointed. “You haven’t changed that fickle stinking attitude of yours at all, Alex. You already have a woman who’s as beautiful as jade at your side, yet you still stare at other women. Don’t you feel embarrassed?”
She was deliberately trying to stir up trouble in the relationship between Alex and Cheryl.
“You don’t have to bother about my affairs!”
Then, he turned to Hubert and said, “Call me when you’re heading over to the Golden Tower later tonight”
Hubert was surprised. “You want to go gambling, Alex?”
Alex shook his head. “The public order around this place is chaotic, and would be even worse in a place like the Golden Tower. I’ll go with you so that I can take care of you! Also, since it’s rare to come to this sort of place, and it’s even rarer to see a casino here, I should also take the chance to look around.”
Hubert immediately smiled and said, “Thank you, Alex!”
Alex smiled. There was another reason why he was doing this. The woman from the Divine Constabulary just now was here in this town for a mission, and it would most likely involve the Golden Tower. Otherwise, what else was there to catch in such a desolate place?
This inn was different from ordinary hotels, and it was made entirely out of bamboo and wood.
When they walked inside, it gave off a feeling like they had walked into the video game, ‘Legend of the Sword and Fairy’. However, it was very clean, and not only were there flowers and other plants, there was also a huge fish pond in the front courtyard.
In a border town like this, lands were abundant and fairly cheap.
“Uhm, I’m not familiar with the living culture here, and I was afraid to be alone, so I booked only one room for us when I did the booking!” Cheryl said in a low voice to Alex, once Hubert and Thea had gone up to the second floor.
As she said that, she twisted her clothes nervously, her face as red as a tomato. “But, the room I booked is a suite.”
Alex nodded. “You did right.”
Cheryl bit her plump red lip, and gave him an embarrassed look as she thought to herself, ‘So, you had the same idea as well. If I knew that, then I would have left the booking up to you.’
However, Alex continued, “I’m afraid it won’t be peaceful here!”
“Huh? What do you mean?”
“Let’s go in before we talk”
When they walked in, they were dumbfounded.
The outside of the inn was big with a fish pond that looked like one could swim in it. However, the suite was pitifully small, not even half the size of a double room in a normal three star hotel. The room was only a so-called suite because there was a bathroom attached.
If it wasn’t for the suite having a bathroom, they’d have to head to the public toilet when nature called.
Most importantly, there was only one bed!


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