The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2035

Chapter 2035 Sunny looked up. “I‘ll temporarily hand over the authority of The Commune to you.” Nollace was surprised, then he squinted. “The Commune? Isn‘t that under The Serpents‘ management?” 

Sunny picked up his teacup again. “Honestly, The Serpents have been changing. I care about our past relationship, but if they are going to betray that, I‘m going to break them.” Nollace smiled. “You trust me?” 

Sunny sighed. “If you want to get rid of Donald, you‘ll have to get rid of The Serpents first. The leader of The Serpents is a friend of Fabio Puzo. I know that, but I can‘t do anything. Puzo has spies in The Serpents, so if I do anything to them, I will be giving Puzo a chance to get The Serpents to turn against me.” Nollace said, “But if I do anything, they will know that you are behind it, and they will still suspect you.” “Don‘t worry about that. Neal Beck is a guest who was brought back by Cam. I‘ve made up your identity and arranged for you to take over The Commune. The Serpents won‘t know if it is Cam‘s idea or my arrangement, so they won‘t do anything yet.” Sunny sipped his tea before slowly adding, “If you can handle this well, Puzo will start paying attention to you.” 

Nollace understood what he meant. If he wanted to get to Donald on the East Islands, he would have to throw the Serpents into chaos. 

Nollace had made his investigation. The Serpents had been doing very well with Sunny‘s backing, but people changed. The Serpents had let their pride get to their head and forgotten how Sunny had helped them. 

They were no longer happy being under someone else and were working with Puzo secretly. Puzo had placed some spies among The Serpents. Nollace speculated that Sunny wouldn’t be too cruel toward The Serpents because of their relationship, and Sunny approached him about this deal to remove Puzo‘s spies from the gang but also get rid of Donald. 

If Nollace threw The Serpents into chaos from the inside, Puzo would pay attention to him and dig into his background. If Puzo didn‘t want to make the Southern Clan their enemy, he would get someone to get rid of Nollace. 

And that someone would be the outsider Donald. 

Sunny looked at him. “What do you think?” 

Nollace smiled. “I won‘t let you down.” 

The next day… 

Daisie and Waylon were having breakfast. 

The buildings of Southernshire on the East Islands had vintage elements. The buildings were old, and even the restaurant was a combination of vintage and modern elements. There was 

diner food, special dishes, tea, and more. Daisie leaned close to Waylon. “Hey, the East Islands aren‘t as messy as Dad made them seem.” 

Nolan had said that it was a place where the underground gangs ran amok. It wasn‘t only messy but dangerous too. But it was nothing like that. Waylon poured some tea, smiled, and said, “This is Sunny Southern‘s turf. Nobody would dare cause trouble, but once we get to the city center or the underground gangs‘ turf, things will change.” 

The biggest island was split into two sides. Sunny‘s side was the northeast side, while Puzo had the southwest. The city center was where they converged. 

It was a place with foreign merchants and clubs from both sides, communities, and more. If someone were to cause trouble there and had a clash with either side, no one could guarantee a safe escape out of the island. 


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