The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1126

“Ugh, this… I really didn’t do it on purpose. I didn’t know that there would only be one bed.” Cheryl covered her face with her hands, not daring to lift her head. “Should I get another room instead?”
“You don’t have to!”
Alex pulled her in, and looking at the embarrassed look on her face, it was impossible to say that his heart and mind weren’t thinking of anything at all. However, he forced those desires down and said in a low voice, “It’ll be fine for just a night. I feel that it won’t be a peaceful night, anyway. That woman just now, do you know who she was?”
“Huh? Which one? The one who beat up Thea?”
“Yes! She’s from the Divine Constabulary, and she’s here on a mission. I’m guessing there’ll be some action happening here.”
Cheryl obviously knew the Divine Constabulary. She had encountered them during the Triangle River Delta Medical Exchange.
She couldn’t help but feel nervous and asked, “Then, you have to go to the Golden Tower later? You will be leaving me alone here. Aren’t you afraid that something will happen to me?”
“Then, just follow me,” said Alex. “There’s nothing to do at night here anyway, so it’ll be fine to go have a look around the casino. Maybe you could even win some money.”
“If you say so, then you can’t leave me behind.”
“Don’t worry, great doctor!”
“My current identity is your girlfriend, and we’re here on a honeymoon. You’re the one who said so.”
“… And?”
They were far away from their native land, in a foreign country, and in a room with excellent privacy. Their eyes met, and a wild ambition sparked within them.
It was unsure who made the first move. Two mouths met. This was not the first time anymore.
When Alex’s hand fell on her backside, Cheryl shivered violently and reciprocated with even more enthusiasm.
Alex held Cheryl in his arms and pressed her against the wall.
Unexpectedly, a woman’s voice came from the other side. “It’s still broad daylight. Can you keep it down and stop for a while?”
When they heard the voice, it turned out to be the woman from the Divine Constabulary.
Cheryl snapped out of it immediately.
Thinking about how the building was wooden and had poor sound insulation, she couldn’t bear to continue any longer and pushed Alex away and said softly, “I… I need to go to the toilet!”
Alex misunderstood her, so he picked her up immediately and ran to the toilet.
When he was about to continue, Cheryl finally said, “That’s not what I meant! I… I wanted to take a bath! That woman is next door, so.. So, just forget about it!”
Alex walked out of the bathroom dejectedly. His expression was even more depressed.
He looked at the wall connected to the next room and allowed a spiritual consciousness flow to seep through it.
He didn’t expect to find that the woman was also taking a bath.
Alex stared blankly. ‘What a good body shape!’
However, at the same moment, the woman seemed to be aware of his gaze, and she suddenly grabbed a tower to wrap herself. She glanced around the place, looking for where the feeling of being watched was coming from.
‘F*ck, her perceptions are so keen?’
Alex was taken aback and hurriedly withdrew his spiritual consciousness.
In the blink of an eye, it was already eight at night.
Hubert came to get Alex, and initially, Thea wasn’t going to the Golden Tower, but once she found out that Cheryl was going, she didn’t want to be the only one who stayed in this broken inn, especially since she was a woman. So, she also decided to tag along.
At a quarter past eight, the four of them arrived at the Golden Tower.


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