The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1127

Once they stepped into the Golden Tower, they saw the magnificent decoration inside. It was brilliant and bright, to the point where it almost seemed like they could blind the eyes of people who came in. There were also many people coming and going. Except for a few dressed in local ethnic style clothes, the majority of them were gamblers from foreign countries.
“Where are you from, and who introduced you to this place?”
There were two disciples guarding the door.
When they saw the group of four and the fact that they were unfamiliar faces, the disciples stopped them and asked. After they finished asking, they were surprised at Cheryl’s appearance. Both of their eyes were fixed upon the beautiful doctor, and they were almost drooling.
Cheryl was flustered. This was the first time she had come to a place like this, and she felt uncomfortable. If it weren’t for the fact that Alex was holding onto her hand, she would have high-tailed it out of here in fright a long time ago. She hurriedly hid behind Alex. As for Thea, she became jealous instead. She felt that the two disciples had bad taste in women. She was also a beautiful woman, after all!
“Hello, gentlemen. I’m Hubert Gordon from Missouri’s Gold Mountain Group. I have an appointment with your boss for eight-thirty to discuss the cosmeceutical business,” Hubert hurriedly said.
“Oh, so it’s you!” One of them said calmly. “Boss Winn is already waiting for you inside. Go on in! And, who are the rest of the people with you?”
“Ah, they’re my friends. They heard that the Golden Tower is very interesting, so they came to have some fun.”
The taller man laughed and said, “Of course, you’re all welcome to play. Friends who come from afar, we have mahjong, poker, grand hazard. Besides, we also have cockfighting, dogfighting, stone gambling, and everything you can think of! What do you want to play? I’ll lead the way!”
As he said that, he also reached out intending to touch Cheryl’s backside.
Alex casually slapped the man’s wrist, batting it away. Then, he said coldly, “No one can touch my woman, except me. For the sake of Boss Winn, I’ll let you off this time. Otherwise, your hands would be gone.”
Cheryl pressed herself against Alex even more.
The man’s wrist felt like it was on fire and felt like his arm had almost been broken.
He was seething with rage and gave Alex a fierce look. However, he seemed to be apprehensive and didn’t do anything more after that.
Later, Hubert went in alone to meet with Boss Winn because one of the disciples said that Boss Winn had only allowed Hubert alone to meet with him. Though Alex was a little worried, Hubert said that nothing would happen, and so he could only wait outside for him.
“Is there stone gambling here?” he asked the other disciple.
“Of course! The ores we have here are all from Myanmar, and the quality is very good. There’s a big chance of getting in the green. When you want to play stone gambling, I’ll bring you over.”
Alex nodded. “Sure, let’s go and have a look!”
Cheryl whispered, “I heard that stone gambling is even less reliable than normal gamble on money. Sure, you might be able to hit the jackpot, but you’d lose everything with just one bet too! I think it’s better to just forget about it. If you want to play, just play something else for fun.”
When the disciple heard this, his face sunk.
If one were not a gambler, one wouldn’t lose too much money on the normal games that bet on money. However, it wasn’t the same for stone gambling. Even the worst stone they had started at the price of one hundred thousand. In many cases, it could go up to tens of millions to hundreds of millions! And as a guide, the disciple could also earn a lot of rewards from that, and so, of course, he hoped that Alex and the others would head to stone gambling.
“Don’t worry,” Alex said. “I’ll just take it as trying my luck. Also, my luck has always been good, and I’ve been called the Stone Gambling Prince before this.”
Cheryl was stunned because the title ‘Stone Gambling Prince’ was one that she had heard of before in California.
At that time, this Stone Gambling Prince had managed to get two top-quality emeralds from stone gambling that were extremely valuable. It caused quite a sensation in California for a period. Unfortunately, no one knew who it was because the Stone Gambling Prince didn’t show his face, and no one knew what he looked like. Only his back profile was shown to everyone.
‘Could it be that Alex is the Stone Gambling Prince?’
Cheryl was stunned when she came to her conclusion and guessed.


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