The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2036

Chapter 2036 Daisie rested her head on her hand. “I wonder where Nolly is now…” Waylon placed a snack on her plate and chuckled. “If I‘m not mistaken, he‘s with the Southerns right now, so you don‘t have to worry about him.” She picked up the snack, and just when she was about to eat it, a commotion came from the hall downstairs. 

A group of muscular men was standing in the hall. They were wearing some sort of uniform, and it seemed like they came from East Winston. They looked furious and did not come with good intentions. 

A man smacked the table and pointed at the waiter and manager. “Our lady has booked this restaurant today! Ask all of them to get out of here!” 

Forcing a smile, the manager walked up to the man and said, “Mr. Estrada, for your information, you‘ll need to make the reservation with our restaurant one day in advance. Our customers are still here, so—” 

Before he could finish speaking, the man called Mr. Estrada grabbed him by his wrist and snarled, “Cut the crap! This is the East Islands! If you want to do business here, you should familiarize yourself with The Serpents. How dare you disobey our lady? Do you want us to smash up your restaurant?” 

The manager was shaking and sweating profusely. 

Many stores and restaurants were owned by foreign businessmen who cooperated with the Southern Clan. If no one caused trouble, they would make money leisurely, but if something happened, they would have no other choice but to sigh at their bad luck. Some of the customers did not want to get into trouble, so they left without finishing their meals. Even though they were unhappy with what The Serpents did, they did not dare to say anything about it. 

A waiter came upstairs and approached Waylon and Daisie. With a troubled face, he said, “I‘m sorry, sir. I‘m afraid you‘ve got to leave immediately. Your meal will be on the house.” 

Daisie looked at Waylon. 

Waylon raised his eyelids and asked, “Who are they?” 

The waiter looked at them and knew they came from the outside. He said carefully, “They‘re from The Serpents. Ms. Serrano is the daughter of the leader of The Serpents. They‘re the local tyrants here, and we don‘t dare to say anything due to Mr. Southern Sr. 

“Ms. Serrano has booked the whole restaurant. If you don‘t go now and offend her, she won‘t let you off so easily.” Daisie bit her lips. “Are they working for Mr. Southern Sr.?” The waiter replied in a low voice, “Not really. The Serpents are at best a hanger–on for the Southern Clan.” 

Daisie harrumphed. “That means they‘re all just parasites. How can they be so arrogant?” 

“Sir, Miss, now isn‘t the right time to talk. You guys should leave“. 

Before the waiter could finish his sentence, that group of men looked upward. When they noticed Waylon and Daisie, they shouted, “Hey! Are you guys deaf? Get the hell out of here! Now!” 

Daisie looked downwards and said, “You guys have no right to chase us out of the restaurant.” If you want to take the restaurant, take the hall.” 

The waiter was stunned. Manuel looked at Daisie in disgust and snarled, “How dare you! I can forgive you for your ugly face, but how dare you talk with us like that!?” Daisie nearly jumped up when Manuel said she was ugly. Waylon stopped her and rose to his feet. He walked to the railing and looked downward.” 

You‘re acting all high–and–mighty in the Southern Clan‘s territory. You‘re just disrespecting Mr. Southern Sr.” Manuel‘s face sank as he pointed at him. “You should go around and ask who we are. How dare you mention Mr. Southern Sr. in front of us?!” 

Waylon chuckled and said, “I‘m just curious. You‘re nothing but a bunch of parasites who feed on the Southerns, yet you have the guts to go around and harm the benefits of the Southerns‘ guests, put shame on them, and disrespect Mr. Southern Sr. Are you guys the ones who make the rules here or the Southerns?”


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