The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1128

However, Thea Stone felt that Alex’s words were a joke, and she sneered, “The Stone Gambling Prince? Then I’m the Stone Gambling Queen. The problem is, can your wallet afford the ores? How many assets did you get when you divorced Dorothy?”
“Does that concern you?”
Alex pulled Cheryl and walked straight toward the stone gambling area.
It was on the ground floor.
Thea stomped her feet. She really didn’t feel like following them, but she didn’t know anyone else in the Golden Tower, and she felt the gazes of several people around her, looking at her like she was a lamb ready to be slaughtered. It gave her creepy vibes, so in the end, she hurriedly followed after them.
She comforted herself in her heart, ‘I’m just going to watch them make a fool out of themselves. Hmph, what sh*tty Stone Gambling Prince? It’s best if he loses everything, including his underwear!’
They found that the ground floor was bigger than they expected after they entered, and there were also more people than expected.
“Oh my god, you can’t tell at all from the outside that the place inside is so huge!” Cheryl exclaimed in surprise.
Alex was also surprised.
At least it explained one thing, that Boss Winn was a powerful man. He had managed to attract so many people to this sort of desolate place, where even transportation wasn’t convenient. His capabilities shouldn’t be underestimated.
However, when he got there, he started delving with his thoughts again.
He was now in the Divine Transcendence realm, and he had spiritual consciousness that could ‘see’ things behind a wall. He wasn’t sure if this ability could also see through the ores to look inside it.
It turned out that it was extremely difficult.
Although his spiritual consciousness could penetrate the stone’s outer layer because the entire stone was a solid matter, his spiritual consciousness couldn’t do its thing inside it. However, he still had his Third Eye from the Ultimate Book of Medicine. When he combined the two skills, a strange scene appeared in the next moment. He could clearly distinguish whether there were emeralds within the ores.
If he were to rely purely on his Third Eye, he wouldn’t be able to see the aura of the emerald within the ores because the stones they used had an extremely thick layer, and the emerald was hidden deep within it.
However, through the perception of his spiritual consciousness, he could feel it. With just a single glance, he could already tell there was a big piece of emerald inside it.
Very quickly, he saw quite a few emeralds among the ores.
“It just so happens that I planned to make a talisman from emeralds. When you hang it around your neck, it should be a little effective. If luck is good, I’ll get and make a few more. Even the transparent kind is fine,” Alex said to Cheryl.
When he said that, the disciple at the side almost burst out in laughter.
‘Emeralds, the transparent kind, and get a few more… Do you think this is an emerald store?
‘The people who could cut out emeralds from the ores here all year round are few, and you could even count them on one hand.’
Thea burst out laughing as though she had heard the world’s funniest joke.
Alex couldn’t be bothered by her.
He chose two stones among all that he had seen, which had extremely good quality emeralds inside, then turned to the disciple from the Golden Tower who had led them here and said, “I want these two!”
The disciple was thrilled when he heard that and immediately pushed a cart over to place the stones inside.
The two ores were not small in size. The disciple looked at the price, and the total would come up to almost two million! This way, he would get a commission of twenty thousand, how wonderful!
“Two million, can you even afford it?” Thea rolled her eyes as she said. “Or, are you expecting your woman to pay for it?”
Alex was suddenly reminded of Dorothy’s best friend, Cassandra. She had said the same thing to him before and finally was forced to address him as ‘father’. He hadn’t seen her for months now and didn’t know where she had gone.
He smiled and said, “What will happen if I can afford it? Will you kneel and call me ‘father’?”


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