The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1129

“You want me to call you ‘father’?”
“Why would you want that?”
Obviously, Thea was not Cassandra, and she didn’t jump straight into the trap. She probably felt that two million wasn’t exactly a lot of money.
“Then, don’t make such a fuss,” Alex said. “The Golden Tower is so big, and there are so many fun things here. Why are you following us? You can head off yourself and play!”
“You… I just wanted to have the front row seat to see how you lose everything you have by gambling here.”
“Then, I’m going to disappoint you. Even if I bought all the ores here today, I can’t lose everything I have.”
Alex then asked the disciple to push the cart alongside him.
It was like he was at a supermarket, placing things that he thought looked good as he browsed around, not really looking closely at what he put inside the cart.
To the others who were watching him, it looked like he was blindly guessing and choosing the ones that he picked. The more knowledgeable ones shook their heads when they saw him pick the ores the way he was doing. They probably thought that this must be some spendthrift from god knows where.
Those who picked ores usually would carefully study them, and a lot of people would even shine a bright flashlight on the ores, as though trying to determine shine through the ore with it to see if there were emeralds inside it.
Alex was something else, picking the ores like picking vegetables from the supermarket In just a short three minutes, the cart that the service boy was pushing was almost filled to the brim.
The service boy was initially very happy, thinking that he had really good luck today to be able to bump into such a spendthrift. Not only did he know nothing, but he was also generous in picking such a big amount of ores. The total value of the ores in the cart was also worth more than eighty million. He would get 1% commission from the total value, and that was already eight hundred thousand!
He had hit the jackpot!
However, when he saw how Thea’s face got more disdainful as time passed, he also felt that something wasn’t right. How could anyone buy so many ores?
Even if they didn’t know anything, at most, they’d pick up a few pieces and have it opened up to check.
‘This guy, could it be that he really has no money to pay and was only using this to amuse himself?’
Just as he was thinking this, Alex opened his mouth and said, “Alright, that’s enough for now. Where do I pay?”
Thea was extremely shocked, and her eyes were wide as she said, “I’ve recorded it down for you, and the total value of this cart, excluding the scraps, is eighty three million. Excuse me, do you even have that much money?”
Alex calmly replied, “The bet just now is still valid.”
Thea snorted. “Fine, if you can afford eighty three million, I will kneel immediately and call you ‘father’. But, if you can’t, then you’re going to take off your clothes and crawl ten laps around this place for me.”
“Deal, swipe the card!”
Alex took out the bank card and handed it to the service boy.
Thea sneered, “You’re using the most common debit card that all civilians use. Are you seriously telling me that you have eighty three million deposited inside there? Do you believe this, service boy?”
“You’ll know when you swipe it!” Alex said.
Very quickly, several other people also came to the cash register.
Half a minute later, Alex entered his password.
A soft sound echoed out, and a receipt was printed out.
Thea stared intently and asked, “So? Has the transaction failed? He can’t possibly pay more than eighty million with that bank card, right?”
The service staff at the checkout counter took the receipt and said, “No, once the transaction is successful, the receipt will be printed. Dear respectable Sir, thank you for buying ores at our Golden Tower. Here are your bank card and receipt. Please keep them well!”
Thea’s jaw dropped, her mouth wide opened. She couldn’t accept the fact.
“Impossible, that’s impossible! It must be a mistake. How can he have that much money?!”
Alex sneered. “Thea, the facts are right in front of you. So? You accepted the bet, so you should acknowledge the loss. You can kneel and call me ‘father’ now, right?”
How would Thea be willing to do that?
Toward Alex, she felt extreme resentment and hoped that he would always have bad luck. Knee! and call him ‘father’?
Dream on!
“You should give up on that I’ll only call you ‘father’ perhaps in my next life!”
However, the moment she said that, the woman at the cashier snorted coldly and said, “In the Golden Tower that’s run by Boss Winn, there has never been anyone who accepts the bet but does not admit their defeat according to the rules. If you do so, you’ll leave a hand behind.”


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