The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2038

Chapter 2038 

Waylon turned his head around to look at Daisie and smiled. “Don‘t worry.” 

After that, he looked at the opposite man and realized that Cameron was also looking at him. He spoke to the people beside him and went back into the private room. Daisie wrapped her arms around Waylon‘s and said, “Brother, I‘m full. Let‘s head back to our hotel.” 

Waylon nodded. Just when they were about to leave the restaurant, a woman dressed in black stopped them and said, “Hold on. Mr. Cameron wishes to see you.” Daisie panicked as she did not know what he wanted with them. Waylon patted her head to calm her down and said, “It’s okay.” Following that woman, Waylon and Daisie entered the private room. The woman walked up to Cameron and made a bow. “Sir.” 

Cameron was sitting next to a chess plate. As he played with a chess piece in his hand, he lifted his eyelids to study them and said, “You‘re from the outside, aren‘t you?” Just as Daisie wanted to say something, Waylon said, “Yes. We‘re here to make some investments.” 

“I see.” Cameron put the chest piece back into a box. He shifted into another position and continued. “But I‘m afraid it won‘t happen anymore. Especially now that you‘ve offended The Serpents.” 

Daisie chimed in and said exasperatingly, “She was the one who did it first! I don‘t understand. This is the Southern Clan‘s territory. Is Mr. Southern Sr. going to close his eyes and allow them to do whatever they want?” 

“Daisie,” Waylon called out to her. Daisie turned her head around and stopped talking. She had come across many arrogant people before, but Florence‘s arrogance was totally on a whole different level. She couldn‘t let it go, and what‘s more, it seemed to her that Florence liked her brother. If she wanted to become her sister–in–law, she would do everything she could to prevent that from happening. 

Cameron placed his hand on his chin and measured Daisie. After a long while, he chuckled.” You‘re right. It‘s truly the Southerns‘ fault for not teaching their dog well and letting it hurt people. I apologize on their behalf.” 

Daisie was stunned. 

She did not expect this beautiful man in front of her to have such a good temper. 

She thought the Southern Clan supported The Serpents from the back. That was why they had the guts to act all high and mighty in front of everyone. However, the strange thing was that if the Southern Clan did not approve of their action, then why would The Serpents refuse to change their attitude? 

According to what she had heard from the waiter, The Serpents had been this way the whole time. 

They were an organization feeding off the Southern Clan. They acted all so arrogantly on their own turf, but the Southerners didn‘t do anything about it. 

Cameron asked his people to bring the manager in. The manager walked inside carefully and lowered his head. “I‘m sorry, Mr. Southern. There‘s nothing I could do to Ms. Serrano about her attitude.” “You don‘t have to apologize. Put all the bills today on Ms. Serrano‘s tab.” 

The manager was stunned. 

Cameron picked up a cup and continued. “Remember all the guests that Ms. Serrano chased out today. Starting from today, they don‘t have to pay for their meals when they come to your restaurant. Just put all their bills on Ms. Serrano‘s tab, understand?” 

Everyone could see that Cameron was trying to punish Florence. She had been an arrogant woman and always wanted things to go her way. Nobody dared to do anything to her, but things were different when it came to Cameron. 

The manager smiled and replied, “Don‘t worry, Mr. Southern. I‘ll go make the announcement immediately.” After the manager left, Waylon looked at Cameron calmly and continued. “Why are you helping us, Mr. Southern?” Honestly, he had known who he was before he revealed his identity. After all, other than the descendant of the Southerns, no one else could bring two powerful bodyguards with her, which made The Serpents, as well as the manager, so respectful and afraid of him. 


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