The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2039

Chapter 2039 

Daisie was stunned. It was only now that she realized the young man in front of her was 


‘But he‘s so young!‘ She thought Sunny was old and his son should be around 30 to 40 years old, considering how they called them. Cameron lifted his eyelids and put down the cup. “You two are pretty gutsy. I’m sure you‘re not just an ordinary businessman considering the fact that you have the nerves to go up against The Serpents as soon as you come to the East Islands.” 

Measuring Waylon up and down, he continued. “Those businessmen who came to the East Island would wear expensive clothes to signify their status. The richer the businessman, the more they were welcomed on this island. After all, no one would want to let go of a chance to 

slaughter a fat sheep that came to their door. 

“As for you, sir, although it seems like you‘re wearing brandless clothes, if one looks closely, your clothes are specially–tailored outfits, and they‘re rare on the market. Either they‘re from a private company that only serves a certain group of guests, or they only work for the royal family.” 

Waylon squinted and said, “You have good eyes, Mr. Southern.” 

His clothes and shirts were all specially tailored for him. Due to limited quotas, they were only available in Stoslo, and their VIPs needed to book a month in advance. 

In other words, no one could find another cloth similar to his in this world. 

Those people who only wanted to wear luxury brands wouldn‘t know that the real dignitaries seldom put on luxury goods on them as they wanted to stay low profile. They wouldn‘t wear watches or drive cars that cost millions. What they emphasized the most was feeling comfortable and if it suited them or not. 

The clothes they put on might look ordinary, but they were rare on the market, mostly custom –made, and much more expensive than those luxury brands. “So even if I don‘t do anything, you have the ability to solve the issue yourself as well.” Cameron continued calmly. “In that case, as a member of the Southern Clan, it gives me all the reasons I need to do something about it.” 

Waylon chuckled. “I heard of Mr. Southern Sr.‘s name a long time ago. He‘s a great man in Southeast Eurasia. But I didn‘t expect you to be so wise as well, Mr. Southerns. As expected of someone who would inherit the Southern Clan and family in the future.” 

“You‘ve flattered me, sir.” Cameron slowly rose to his feet with his hands in his pockets. Although he was much shorter than Waylon, he did not seem flustered in the slightest in front of him. 

“To be on the safe side, I‘ll ask my men to send you back. I suggest you watch out for yourself while you‘re in the East Islands.” 

Waylon smiled. “Thank you very much.” 

Cameron then left the private room. Daisie still couldn‘t come around to her senses. After they left the private room, she tugged at Waylon and asked, “Brother, aren‘t we here for Mr. Southern Sr.? Why didn‘t you tell him when we were in the private room?” Waylon opened the door. “He isn‘t someone to be trifled with, so we need to be careful when dealing with him. Besides, I‘m sure that we‘ll meet again.” 

Daisie nodded. Waylon was right. As long as they stayed in the East Islands, they would eventually meet again. 

Meanwhile, a car was heading toward the Southern mansion. 

Cameron was sitting in the back seat. He rested his head on his hand and closed his eyes, seemingly taking a nap. The woman driving the car looked at him through the rear mirror and asked, “Sir, do you need me to check their background?” Cameron opened his eyes and looked at the outside through the mirror. “That‘s not necessary. Regardless of who they are, I‘m sure we‘ll see each other again.” “I don‘t think Ms. Serrano is going to let what happened today slide so easily,” said the woman. 

Cameron chuckled. “She won‘t be able to act arrogant for long as her father will be in big trouble very soon. I wonder whether Mr. Knowles will be able to take over The Commune or not.” 

The woman pressed her lips and asked, “It‘s rare for Mr. Southern Sr. to hand an area to an outsider. Sir, you…” 


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