The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1130

Thea jumped up in an instant. “Are you kidding me? I didn’t make a bet with you. The bet was between Alex and I. What has that got to do with you?”
The female attendant shook her head. “But, you made that bet while in the Golden Tower, so you have to follow the rules of the building! If you’re not willing to admit your defeat, then you can leave a hand behind. Whether it’s your left or right, the choice is entirely up to you.”
As she spoke, she beckoned to something at the side. Immediately, a security guard of the Golden Tower came over. He had a fierce look upon his face, and a sharp machete in his hand.
Thea was frightened to the point she almost peed her pants. She hurriedly shouted, “I admit my loss. I am willing to admit my defeat! I can still fulfill the agreement, right?”
As she said that, she immediately knelt in front of Alex and loudly shouted, “Father, father! I admit defeat. Please don’t let him cut off my hand!”
Alex chuckled lightly, then nodded to the attendant.
The female attendant pointed at the stone cutting place next to her and said, “That’s a free stone cutting space. You may go there now to cut your ores, sir.”
Alex shook his head. “It’s fine. I have a hobby where I like to take back the ores and cut them slowly myself. Just send these ores to the inn where I’m staying.”
He didn’t expect the attendant to shake her head and disagree. “Apologies, sir. There is a rule in the Golden Tower that all ores purchased here must be cut open before they can be brought out. The ores are not allowed to be taken out of this building.”
“What? There’s such a rule?”
Alex was stunned.
He wasn’t aware of this rule, so he didn’t even think about mixing in ores that didn’t have any emeralds among the ones he had chosen. Every single ore in the cart contained emerald inside it.
He had picked up almost all the ores that contained emeralds. If this were exposed on the spot, it would become a big problem.
He frowned. “What if I were to insist on taking them away?”
The attendant’s face turned cold. “I’m really sorry. Then, you can’t take a single ore out, and the money you’ve already paid cannot be refunded.”
Alex’s eyes flashed, but then he finally nodded. “Fine! Then, let’s cut them!”
Even though he really didn’t want to expose his abilities, he wasn’t willing to throw out his money to the Golden Tower in vain. So what if they want him to cut open all the stones here?
‘When they saw the result, they would be the ones in tears!’
While they walked toward the stone cutting area, Thea couldn’t help but say, “Alex, I think that the eighty over million you’ve paid earlier is just water under the bridge. When you can’t even get a single piece of emerald from this, you can cry your eyes out and die!”
Alex glanced at her. “What were you supposed to call me? You don’t want your hand anymore, do you?”
Thea’s chest tightened. “You…”
However, when she saw the security guard raising the knife in his hand, she inunediately shouted again, “Father!”
The people around who were listening wanted to burst out laughing at that.
Very quickly, the stone cutting master started to cut open the ores.
The venue was big, and there were quite a few stonecutters. There were nine in total.
It so happened that the place was empty now, and the nine stonecutters immediately came forward to cut the stone, each taking one.
Ten minutes later, one of them shouted out, “It’s green! Jackpot!”
Everyone was shocked and looked over. Thea was even more upset. His wild guesses had worked out.
Three minutes later, another stonecutter called out, “Green, it’s green again! And it’s the transparent kind. It’s an amazing find!”
Another two minutes later, another one of them yelled out, “Big find! Big find! It’s emerald jadeite!”
“This piece has it too!”
“Here too, and it’s another emerald jadeite!”
“Oh my god, there’s even a piece of pure green emerald here…”
“A-All of them have emeralds in them!”
It was dead silent at the venue.
All the people gathered there looked at Alex like he was some sort of monster.


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