The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2040

Chapter 2040 Cameron glanced at her, and she shut up. 

The butler was giving instructions to the maids when Cameron stepped into the courtyard. The butler turned his head to look at him and greeted him with a smile, “You‘re back, Mr. Southern.” 

“Where is my father?” he asked. “Mr. Southern Sr. is meeting his guest in the study room,” replied the butler. “Another guest?” Cameron lifted his eyebrows. “There seem to be a lot of guests recently.” The butler continued. “This guest comes from Metropolis. It seems like they want to make an alliance with Mr. Southern Sr.” 

Cameron had heard of Metropolis from Morwich before. 

They were a powerful organization in North Ancora, and their leader, Strix, had made quite a reputation for himself in the medical field. It was just that he had retired and had taken on the name Henry. Not only that, but he also kept a good relationship with the royal family. 

It seemed to him that the organization in Ora was going to do something. Otherwise, Metropolis wouldn’t come all the way here just to make an alliance with them. 

Sunny talked with Saydie in the study room for about ten minutes before they came downstairs. Cameron walked up to them calmly and said, “Father.” 

“This one is the representative from Metropolis, Saydie,” replied Sunny. After that, he introduced Cameron to Saydie. “He‘s my son, Cameron.” 

Saydie nodded at him. “Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Southern.” 

Cameron smiled at her back. 

After chatting for a few minutes, Saydie left. Sunny asked the butler to see Saydie at the door. 

Cameron watched as Saydie disappeared from the door and asked, “I heard that Metropolis wants to make an alliance with us. What do you think about it, Dad?” 

Sunny took his seat and frowned. “There have been rumors that Strix is sick, and it seems like it‘s true. I assume that Metropolis is in an unstable state right now.” 

Cameron rested his chin on his hand and fell into thought. After a while, he said, “I found that the Skull Club has become even more active than they were in the past while I was out there these few months. Apparently, Fabio couldn‘t wait any longer.” Fabio was an ambitious man. He just wanted to control everything. He could even take over the Skull Club, so it was only a matter of time before he stretched his claws toward North Ancora after finishing his preparations. Sunny poured a cup of tea and asked, “What do you think about this, Cam?” Cameron sat beside Sunny and said, “Fabio has been gathering forces, and sooner or later, he‘ll take us over in the East Islands. I think an alliance with the Metropolis will do us no harm. If we let Fabio break this balance, many people will be in for hell. 

“This isn‘t what Metropolis wants to happen, and I‘m sure you think the same way as well. Rather than being left alone and caught in the middle of a dilemma, it‘s better to have an alliance.” Sunny laughed. “As expected of my child. You think the same way I do.” After that, he lamented. “I‘ve always felt sorry for your mother and you.” Cameron suddenly rose to his feet and said, “Stop being so sentimental. It‘s not that you‘re going to die.” 

As he walked upstairs, he added. “As long as you‘re alive, I won‘t let you down. Even if you‘re dead, I have the confidence to take over the Southerns too.” Sunny looked at Cameron and sighed. Meanwhile, in the hotel… After Saydie went back, Daisie told her everything that had transpired in the restaurant. 

“Mr. Southern helped you?” Saydie was shocked. 

She had seen Cameron in the Southern mansion. He was really young, and he did not seem like the guy in the rumors at all. 

Daisie nodded. “Yeah. If he hadn‘t stepped forward, my brother would‘ve fought them already.” 

Saydie sighed and looked at her. “Even if he helped you, you guys have offended The Serpents. I don‘t think they‘ll let it slide just like that, so try not to go out alone during this time, okay?” 


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