The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1131

Having a second piece of emerald from the ores was considered to be good luck. Then, the latter ones couldn‘t be explained away with luck.
It was more absurd and strange.
The exploding cheers had long since attracted the onlookers present, and everyone couldn’t believe their own eyes. It felt like an illusion, but every single person here couldn’t be hallucinating the same thing. So, it must be real.
The attendant from the Golden Tower was stunned. The service boy and the security guard were also stunned.
Having worked here for so long, they had never seen anything like this happened before. Especially that service boy, when he thought about what Alex had said, he felt horrified.
‘Could it be that he could see whether or not there was an emerald inside the ores?’
What other explanation was there for this magical scene right in front of him?
It didn’t take long for all the ores in the cart to be cut open, and all of them were in the green. Even if it wasn’t emerald jadeites, they were still glassy emeralds. The worst type he got was the cloudy kind, but even that piece was large.
This was such a huge find. It was practically bigger than anything under the sky!
The most shocked and unable to accept this on the scene was Thea.
She hated Alex, and she had wished then that not a single emerald could be found in them when the stones were cut open. Not only was she disappointed, but she was almost going out of her mind. There were no words to describe this guy’s luck. She had some knowledge about the value of emeralds, especially the value of emerald jadeite. Its price was a little sky-high.
Now, there were a total of four pieces of emerald jadeite, and one of them was even the size of a human head.
Just that piece of emerald jadeite as huge as a human head could go for more than a billion if it was sold!
However, Alex’s favorite was not this piece.
It was a piece of black emerald!
In everyone’s eyes, this black emerald should be the least valuable among all the emeralds that had been cut open. On the contrary, this was the most valuable gemstone that couldn’t even be bought in the market, even if one wanted to.
It wasn’t called an emerald. To be more precise, it was called the Black Spirit Crystal.
It was even rarer than a spiritual marrow.
It was only the size of an adult’s fist, and the aura on it wasn’t very obvious. However, Alex knew that he could force out the Black Spirit within the crystal with special methods, and such a stone was worth hundreds of thousands of spiritual stones.
“What a great find!”
“That’s some damned good luck right there!”
Alex held the Black Spirit Crystal in his hand. Compared to this, the other emeralds that he got were not even worth mentioning.
Simultaneously, the happenings on the ground floor had immediately spread via word of mouth to the other floors of the Golden Tower. It was said that someone had bought dozens of ores, and every single ore was in the green, and the guy had gotten almost a billion from it! The rumor exploded almost instantly, and countless people rushed to the ground floor from the areas they were in, and soon it was packed like sardines, everyone pushing and fighting their way in to inquire whether it was real or not.
“What kind of logic is this, that every single piece was a hit?”
“Could it be that he has some sort of clairvoyance sight?”
“F*ck, if that kind of ability was real… It would be easy to become the richest man on earth in just a few minutes!”
The crowd was in an uproar.
They looked at Alex with eyes full of envy, jealousy, and even more complicated feelings. For example, they saw him as a tool for them to walk toward the pinnacle of life.
Alex sighed secretly in his heart.
This was the reason he hadn’t wanted anyone to see the ores being cut into in the first place. Now, he was obviously seen as a monster in some people’s eyes and a rule-breaker. When the news spread, countless trouble was likely awaiting him.
The female attendant and the security’s guard’s eyes met.


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