The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1132

The security guard immediately retreated quietly, leaving the ground floor. He quickly went to report to the owner of the Golden Tower.
Simultaneously, the originally lively first to the third floor of the Golden Tower suddenly became sparse, and only a few people were left in the areas.
Usually, this wouldn’t be a problem.
However, the people from the Divine Constabulary were inside.
They were here to capture the owner of the Golden Tower, Giovanni Winn.
This was because the Divine Constabulary had a crucial piece of evidence that proved that Giovanni was connected to a factory that was manufacturing a new type of poison, and it was very likely to be the boss behind this poison manufacturing factory. The poison was something that had recently emerged, and it was more harmful than ordinary poisons. It was a kind of fluid that could be dropped into water for consumption, and it was extracted from a plant. It was also extremely difficult to identify and distinguish, and so far, it had caused hundreds of deaths, even thousands. It had also caused families to be broken apart and forced into poverty and homelessness.
At this moment, almost every single person in the Golden Tower had gone to the ground floor, which made some of the members from the Divine Constabulary stick out.
“Captain, what do we do?”
“The stone gambling on the ground floor is attracting too much attention. We’ll likely be exposed at this rate.”
“Who the heck is the one who caused such an uproar? If I ever get my hands on that person, I’ll flay their skin off!” The one who said this was the woman who had bumped into Alex a few times and the same woman staying in the inn room next to him. She was the captain of this Learn from the Divine Constabulary.
“We’ll make our move ahead of schedule. Everyone, strike when the opportunity comes,” she instructed.
The members from the Divine Constabulary immediately went into action.
On the other side, Giovanni was discussing business with Hubert.
However, Giovanni was clearly in a more advantageous position.
“Young Master Gordon, I have no worries about getting new players into my cosmeceutical business. I’ll be honest with you, the reason we gave Missouri’s Coleman family such a preferential price before was that they were so powerful, and I had no other choice but to give in because of that old man, Terrance, who kept pressuring me.
“Now that Terrance is dead, half the business of Missouri’s Coleman family have fallen into Michigan’s Stoermer family’s hands. What reason would I have to show further respect to the Coleman family? On the contrary, shouldn’t I be asking back the money that the Coleman family has earned at my expenses?
“Since you’re related to Missouri’s Coleman family, that’s even better. You should pay me back the sum of money first!”
“Once you’ve returned it, then we’ll talk about cooperating again.”
Giovanni wore a pair of sunglasses, and a string of green chrysoprase served as a necklace on his neck. There were also several emerald rings on his fingers. His hair was long and curly, and he was smoking a cigar with a malicious look upon his face as he looked at Hubert.
Hubert was dumbfounded.
He never expected that Giovanni wouldn’t even want to discuss business with him but instead wanted to ask for money. Using Missouri’s Coleman family’s name not only didn’t help him at all, but it caused a catastrophe for him instead.
“B-Boss Giovanni, how much do I need to pay back then?”
Giovanni chuckled, taking a puff of his cigar and blowing out a smoke circle before saying, “Ten billion. What do you think?”
Hubert jumped to his feet.
This was impossible for him to do.
“Boss Winn, please don’t joke around. How can I possibly take out ten billion dollars?”
“It isn’t a problem if you can’t. You just don’t have to go back.” The smile on Giovanni’s face vanished instantly, and he put both his feet up on the coffee table, giving Hubert a hard look.
It was at this moment that a security guard knocked on the door and came in. It was the same security guard from the ground floor coming to give his report.
He immediately whispered something in Giovanni’s ear, and a stunned look crossed the man’s face. However, he then turned to Hubert, and it quickly turned into ecstasy.


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