The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1137

The female attendant, Apple, had a bitter and angry look in her eyes.
She couldn’t wait to see Alex get brought to his knees by the disciples of the Golden Tower, beaten up to the point that even his parents wouldn’t recognize him. She knew that since Alex had such a great skill in his stone gambling, they wouldn’t kill him. However, they would definitely teach him a lesson.
She yelled, “This bastard doesn’t show any proper respect to boss at all! Break his leg, Show him who’s better, so that he won’t ever…”
Before she could finish her words, Alex pulled Cheryl close to him with one hand and suddenly lifted one foot, slamming it down heavily on the ground. The overwhelming force exerted from it exploded like a small dynamite explosion in a fan shape, pushing back dozens of the disciples.
Countless tiles on the floor burst, the fragment flew everywhere. Countless people who were on scene were unlucky enough to face that.
As for the disciples who had rushed toward Alex, they were the first to bear the brunt of this overwhelming force. More tragically, they were hit by the explosion like blow, and they spat out mouthfuls of blood while still flying through the air, then the gravel from the tiles that had cracked and burst hit their bodies like bullets shot from a gun.
There were some that broke their arms and legs. There were some where the broken stones slammed into their stomach. There were even some who were blinded from the rocks shooting out.
For a moment, the entire scene was horrifying, and only painful wailing and mo*ning could be heard.
Giovanni was stunned. His mind was in a jumbled state, his heart shaken, and he felt a chill on his back. His face had also been scrapped by the gravel that had flown out previously, leaving behind a one centimeter deep line of blood, and the fresh blood was still dripping out. However, the lingering fear he felt overwhelmed everything else.
This kind of destructive power was impossible to even a martial arts master. Terrance had taught him a lesson once, which made him deeply jealous, but it was not as terrifying as what Alex had just displayed.
He had even kicked through an iron plate.
As for Apple, because of the slap that Alex had given her previously, she had landed beside him and had escaped the catastrophe that happened right in front of her. However, she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the scene unfolding before her.
Was he still human?
“I’ve already said that you’ll regret it!”
Alex fixed his gaze upon Giovanni and calmly said, “Men who have bad intentions toward my woman don’t end up in a good place. You are no exception!”
Goosebumps appeared on Giovanni’s back.
He didn’t say a word when he grabbed a gun decisively and opened fire directly at Alex. He no longer cared about any cooperation. He would only feel at ease once Alex was dead.
However, a moire pattern sparkled in Alex’s hands, and it looked like electricity shooting out of his hand as he grabbed all the bullets into his hands.
“Even a gun can’t kill him. What kind of monster was this?!”
The subordinates of the Golden Tower couldn’t believe their eyes as they continued to weep in pain.
Giovanni’s heart beat wildly in his chest, and cold sweat ran down his forehead.
He knew that this couldn’t go on. If ire couldn’t escape, then there was only one road waiting for him, death!
He crushed the gun in his hand and brought out all the cultivation and martial arts skills of an advanced Earth rank warrior. He paused for a moment before he immediately turned around and fled.
Alex’s gaze was cold.
He raised his hand, and the bullets that he held in his hand turned into streams of light, shooting at Giovanni’s back.
Thunk, thunk, thunk, thunk, thunk!
Apart from one bullet, the rest of them hit the mark Giovanni fell to the ground with a ‘thud’, but unexpectedly, he bounced backup almost immediately, not looking back as he rushed out the door. There was no blood at where the bullets had hit him.
‘He’s not dead?’ Alex was slightly surprised.
It was just a moment of dazedness, and Giovanni had managed to reach the door. He wore a bulletproof vest because, as the owner of the Golden Tower, there were all sorts of risks at every moment when one ran this kind of business near the Golden Triangle, after all. Giovanni usually paid great attention to it, which was why he had a special bulletproof vest on him at all times.
It was this bulletproof vest that had saved his life. Seeing that he was almost at the door, he had confidence that he would be able to escape. So, he yelled, “Brat, just you wait, I’ll definitely come back for revenge. I will destroy your entire family!”
As long as he was hidden, Alex would be an easy target out in the open, and he wouldn’t be afraid that he wasn’t able to get his revenge.


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