The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2046

Chapter 2046 Florence had put herself in trouble. She didn‘t expect Cameron to be on such high alert, but if she didn‘t drink it, it would mean there really was something in the drink. 

Once she was caught, Cameron would not let her or The Serpents get away. 

She took over the wine glass and downed the content. 

The glass was empty without a single drop left. “How‘s that?” 

She turned and got the woman behind her to bring a new bottle of wine over. The woman brought it over, opened it, and poured some into the decanter. 

Cameron picked up a clean glass and poured the wine in. He then noticed how tipsy Florence looked, so he smiled. “What‘s wrong, Ms. Serrano? Not feeling well?” Florence clenched her jaw. “I remember that I have somewhere to get to. I need to go.” The effects had kicked in. She shouldn‘t have used such a big dosage. 

Florence quickly got up and left, and Cameron didn‘t stop her but continued drinking alone. 

The woman noticed that something was wrong, so she looked toward Cameron. “There really was something in that glass of wine.” 

“Too bad. I was just testing her, and she couldn‘t even handle it.” 

Cameron swirled the wine around in the glass. She wasn‘t sensitive to alcohol and didn‘t know if there was something in it. She just knew Florence too well. 

She knew what was added because Florence had used the same tactic on many men. 

All the good–looking men on the East Islands would be invited to dine with her and would wake up in her bed the next day. 

She would use photos and scandals to blackmail the men into dating her. 

She didn’t love them but only treated them like stamps she could collect. It didn‘t matter if they were married or had girlfriends. She was the harlot who would make any man sick. 

Cameron just tested her a little, and she already revealed herself. 

Cameron waved so the woman would approach, then whispered something into her ear. 

She was surprised but immediately nodded. “Alright.” 

After Florence was escorted downstairs by the guards, her body felt as if a hundred ants were walking all over her, but even then, she didn‘t want to get it on with the guards. When she got into the elevator, she bumped into someone familiar. 

The handsome face made her itch even more. It was the man from the cafe. 

Daisie was holding Waylon‘s arm while they happily chatted. The man had so much care in his eyes. 

That made her extremely unhappy. No woman would be allowed to get near the men that she was interested in. 

Florence rushed forward and pushed Daisie away. The sudden shove made Daisie fall to the ground. Waylon grabbed Florence by her neck and pushed her against the door while looking menacing “You?” 

Florence didn‘t care if she couldn‘t breathe. She rested her palm on his chest. It felt cold, which was comfortable for her. “Sir, I can give you everything you desire.” 

Waylon pushed her away, and she fell to the ground. The pain woke her up a little. “How could you do that to me!?” 

Daisie ignored the pain and rushed forward to slap her. “Are you crazy? You‘re so desperate you would just jump on any man?” 


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