The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2047

Chapter 2047 Florence was stunned but then glared at her. “You b*tch! How dare you hit me!?» She was going to call the guards but realized she had sent them away. Daisie rubbed her wrist. “I would do that any day if you hit my brother.” 

Waylon pulled her back after seeing how crazy the woman on the floor was. “You don‘t seem to be feeling well. You should ask someone to come and get you.” 

After saying that, Waylon walked past her while dragging Daisie along. Florence shook with anger, but her men got there at that moment and blocked Waylon and Daisie‘s path. 

The bodyguards helped her up. “Ms. Serrano!” 

Florence pointed at them and said, out of breath, “Leave the man. Teach that woman a lesson!” 

Waylon looked at the few men who approached with icy cold eyes. 

The bodyguards signaled at each other and rushed forward to take him down. However, Waylon turned and bent the man‘s hand backward. The sudden pain made him howl while bending down on his knees. 

Everyone else became more vicious when they saw that. 

Waylon pushed Daisie aside and started to fight the bodyguards. 

The few bodyguards were no match for Waylon. He was strong and vicious with a good defense. They couldn‘t touch him even when they attacked together. The handsome man, who was also agile, captivated Florence. Maybe it was because of the drug, but she wanted that man even more. 

Then she noticed Daisie, who was standing at one side, and her eyes flashed. She could see how much that man cared for her. 

Florence quietly walked behind Daisie and grabbed her from behind while pointing a sharp knife at her neck “If you don‘t comply, this woman‘s face is going to be disfigured.” The cold knife ran across Daisie‘s face as a threat. 

Waylon threw the bodyguard aside, frowned, and said after a pause, “You can try.” Florence was stunned, but she yelled, “Don‘t you care if she dies?” 

Daisie looked at the knife pointed at her face and couldn‘t help but laugh. “Of course my brother cares about me. But…” 

Daisie immediately bent her fingers backward. Florence hurt so much that she let go, and the knife fell to the floor. 

Daisie kicked the knife under a car and pushed the woman behind her to the floor. 

Daisie giggled while she ran back to Waylon after getting out of her grip. “I did quite well, didn‘t I?” 

She couldn‘t fight a group of people, but it was just Florence Serrano– it was easy. Waylon said, “Not bad.” Florence sat on the floor with a flushed face and heavy breath. She bit her lip to stay awake. “Y You dare treat me like that? I‘m not going to let you get away!” Daisie noticed how odd she was. “Ms. Serrano, you‘re in terrible shape. Have you been drugged? Was that why you threw yourself at my brother?” 

Florence trembled and looked furious because Daisie noticed. 

Daisie leaned forward to look at her with an innocent smile. “Why don‘t I help you calm down?” 

Florence shuddered. “W–What are you going to do?” Daisie walked to a fire hose and then walked toward her. A stream of white water was sprayed all over her. 


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