The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1138

However, in the next second, an invisible stream of light shot out of Alex.
It was the Dragon’s Bane of Thirty-Six. Sword of the Universe!
Giovanni saw things differently in the next moment. The road ahead suddenly rolled around, and he also saw a body with no head that ran forward for a dozen meters before collapsing, the blood spurting everywhere.
The body was extremely familiar.
It was his own!
He was dead!
The Sword of the Universe had cut his head off.
“H-How is this possible?!”
Giovanni had already run out the ground floor doors, and he had even turned a corner. How could Alex have killed him?
However, he would never get an answer.
The Dragon’s Bane of Thirty-Six was a spiritual treasure, and since Alex controlled it with his spiritual consciousness, it could obviously also make turns!
Alex summoned the Sword of the Universe back, and there was not a single trace of blood on it.
He held Cheryl in one arm and the other the dragon bone sword. At that moment, he looked like a murderous god who had come up from hell to everyone else!
“What were those gunshots just now?” Alex asked the same security guard.
The security guard felt his heart jump into his throat, and he trembled all over. His mind was blank.
It was just a single moment of silence, and the sword in Alex’s hand swung down.
Another head went flying through the air.
Just now, when Giovanni was beheaded, only those who were standing near the ground floor entrance could see it. But for this security guard, he was beheaded in front of everyone.
The bloodied scene made quite a few people faint in fright.
Especially the female attendant, Apple, as the bloodied head rolled onto her lap. She screamed in shock, peeing and pooping right in her pants.
As for Alex, he had already covered Cheryl’s eyes to avoid her seeing it.
Alex pointed at another disciple of the Golden Tower. Tire disciple had been blinded in one eye by the gravel that had shot out previously. He trembled all over, not daring to hesitate even a moment as he opened his mouth to reply, “It.. It’s… It was people from the Divine Constabulary! They came to arrest the boss…”
Alex frowned.
As expected, it was the people from the Divine Constabulary.
“Where are they now?”
“T-T-They’re dead!”
“What?! All of them?” Alex was furious when he heard that and swung his sword down on the disciple.
Although he suspected that the higher-ups in the Divine Constabulary were making rise of the people under them for their private motives, he still cared about Sky, Zachary, Anna, and the others. These people were all upright in their own way and were carrying a heavy burden and serving the people in America’s seemingly peaceful era.
They were worthy of respect.
What more, he felt an inexplicable familiar feeling from the savage woman that he met before this. Though he couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was, there must be some connection between them.
At this time, a disciple that had been frightened out of his wits hurriedly said, “T-There’s one more who’s still alive.”
Alex immediately said, “Take me to that person!”
Before leaving, he said, “Take good care of my emerald. Otherwise, all of you will die too!”
Alex took Cheryl and left the ground floor quickly, following the disciple to find Soraya, who was still alive. Just as they reached the second-floor entrance, a large fishing net dropped from above them.
“Ah, Alex! Watch out!” Cheryl yelled loudly.
“Galactic Strike!”
The Sword of the Universe swung around, cutting the fishing net into pieces. Even the disciple who threw the net was cut down with it, and even the disciple, who was leading them, was dead!
Alex frowned and patted his waist.
A rush of Yin energy burst into the air as he summoned the ghost general, Maiko Chiba, to look for the person from the Divine Constabulary who was still alive.


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