The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1207

Nick Seay was the third son of Murro Seay, the third brother in the family. He was merely a rich little brat that didn’t excel in studies or work. The Seays had given him more chances than one, but all that effort only proved useless.
Eventually, they stopped trying to help him, giving up on him and completely sidelining him.
However, since he was still part of the Seay family, he had seen Zachary before. Nick knew that Zachary was one of the Four Great Guardians of Divine Constabulary, one of Geronimo’s underlings.
‘Isn’t he one of us then?’
Hence, he immediately started shouting for help as soon as he recognized him. Little did he know, Alex was the one who had called Zachary over.
When Zachary entered the room, he completely ignored Nick’s words.
Nick even tried moving toward him by wheelchair, yet Zachary kicked him away and walked over to the others.
As he noticed Tucker’s situation, he was shocked but turned to Alex instead and asked, “Alex! Are you okay?”
Nick and Angie were stunned.
‘How does Mr. Xavier know this person? They seem close too.’
“Xavier, this punk killed one of our best fighters in the family! He killed Shadow! He even cut my d*ck off! This man is cruel and blood thirsty! Why aren’t you arresting him?” screamed Tucker.
“Even if your dad were here, he couldn’t teach me how to do things. So, who do you think you are?” Zachary stared at Tucker coldly.
On his way here, Zachary had already thought of whose side he should take. He knew that he most definitely had to take Alex’s side for the sake of his martial arts training and the Divine Constabulary.
If he were to sit back and think about this, since he was Brittany’s son, after all according to his knowledge of Geronimo, the president wouldn’t be biased towards Tucker one bit.
Alex said as he pointed towards Shadow, “He told us that the president sent this guy to kill my mother and me!”
Zachary was enraged and slapped Tucker hard across his face. “The president has locked himself away lately! He swore on his life that he had to succeed! So tell me, how could he have given out such orders? Besides, everyone knows that out of all his children, the president loves Brianna the most! Why would he try to kill his beloved daughter and grandson?”
Alex had intentionally said that so that he could see Zachary’s point of view.
However, according to his words, things didn’t add up.
“Xavier, I’d like to ask. Was it true that the president gave poisoned wine to my godmother and her mother back then?” Maya asked.
“Ah?!” Zachary couldn’t believe his ears.
“No way! There’s just simply no way! That’s nonsense! Why would the president give Madame Yvonne and Lady Brianna poisoned wine? He’d have to be mad to have done so!”
Maya continued, “He said that Madame Yvonne was a spy back then. She even tried to betray her own country after marrying into the Melvis family.”
Zachary scoffed, “No! God no! I know what you’re talking about now! Those are all false accusations. The Red Guard were the ones that messed around with the evidence, causing the misunderstanding! That bastard Hollis was the one who accused her, but the president saw through his lies and killed him out of rage.”
Zachary paused, his expression shocked. “Wait, I understand now! Madame Yvonne and Lady Brianna must have left home because of this! Did they think they were a burden to the president?”
“No, wait, what did you say just now? Poisoned wine? What poisoned wine? Who gave that to them?”
Zachary kept pacing back and forth, visibly confused.
‘So this is why Alex seemed so bloodthirsty.’
‘He really didn’t expect his own mother and grandmother to be treated so harshly! Most importantly, even after getting poisoned wine, his grandmother didn’t hate Geronimo one bit!’
After listening to what had happened back then, Zachary was dead sure. “That’s just not possible!”
Alex’s expression was cold and stern. “I’m guessing that some sort of secret is behind this! Tucker may not know anything about it, but his father might.”
Zachary replied, “Alex, so what you’re saying is…”
Alex turned to Tucker. “Call your father right now. Tell him to come save you before twelve. If he doesn’t come by then, I’ll kill you. No mercy.”


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