The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2114

Chapter 2114 Manuel was confident that Sunny would dispatch all his men to look for Cameron when she went missing. No matter how great Sunny was as a fighter, he was not as good as he used to be since he was already old, so he would get exhausted very soon. If he could get rid of the leader of the Southern Clan and Joaqin in one sitting, dealing with Cameron would be a piece of cake. 

Sunny chuckled. “You‘re too young, Manuel.” 

Manuel‘s face sank as he barked out his order, “Go get him!” 

The two men standing behind Sunny rushed forward and engaged them in a melee. Manuel did not just stay at the back, either. He pulled out a dagger and threw himself at Sunny while he was not watching. 

However, Sunny was not an easy target. Even though he was old, his experience and his martial arts skills had given him an edge over Manuel. 

After they exchanged a few blows, Manuel was slowly getting overwhelmed. The other two fighters hastily came over to assist Manuel, and three of them fought against Sunny. 

People always said that a lion couldn‘t win against a group of hyenas. 

Sunny was caught off guard by a hit on his back by a steel pipe. He stumbled a few steps forward and nearly fell to the ground. He turned around and slammed a punch into the temple of the attacker, causing the man to tilt over and fall to the ground. 

Seizing his chance, Manuel raised his dagger and stabbed into Sunny‘s shoulder. 

Sunny let out a stifled grunt. He grabbed the blade that was stuck in his shoulder and pulled it out forcefully. As blood jutted out of the wound into the air, he struck Manuel‘s jaw with a palm strike, sending him flying into the air with blood flowing out of his lips and nose. 

“Mr. Southern Sr.!” 

One of his men wanted to help him, but he was hit in the leg with an iron pipe by the person behind him. He fell to one knee and dodged another attack. He couldn‘t get himself out. 

Sunny was already reaching his limit. His shoulder was bleeding profusely, and he could barely stand. 

Manuel wiped the blood off his face with the back of his hand and smiled devilishly. “Old thing, I‘d like to see who can save you this time.” Holding his dagger in his hand, Manuel rushed toward Sunny. Just when the dagger was about to land on its target, a bullet darted from the shadows and sent the dagger flying away from his hand with a loud clang. Manuel grabbed his numb arm, and his face changed in shock. “Someone is here!” At that moment, a car darted straight at them. 

A few people were knocked away by the car because they were caught in the fight. Manuel was lucky enough to dodge in time. Gritting his teeth, he abandoned his men and took the opportunity to escape. The remaining people thought the reinforcements from the Southern 

Clan had arrived, so all of them ran away as well. 

Daisie‘s hands were shaking profusely in the car as she held tightly to the steering wheel. She still couldn‘t come around from the shock that she had just hit someone with a car. 

She unbuckled her seat belt, pushed open the car door, and got out of the car. She felt weak on her knees and could barely stand. Sunny‘s subordinate hastily went forward to support Sunny. Even though he was wounded, his injuries were not serious. When he saw Daisie, he was shocked. “Ms. Vanderbilt?” 

Daisie came around to her senses and rushed up to them. Her face turned pale when she saw the blood on Sunny‘s shirt. “Mr. Southern Sr., you‘re injured!” 

Sunny covered the wound on his shoulder with his hand. His face was bloodless, but he still comforted her. “Don‘t worry. I‘ll be fine.” The silver lining was that they were right in front of the hospital, so Sunny was rushed to the emergency department. While Daisie and two of Sunny‘s men were waiting in front of the door, Daisie saw that they were injured too, so she said, “Why don‘t you guys also go get your wounds tended?” 

One of them smiled and replied, “We‘re not as seriously injured as Mr. Southern Sr., so we‘ll be fine.” 

As if he remembered something, he asked, “By the way, Ms. Vanderbilt, how did you know we‘re in the hospital?” 

Daisie did not know how to answer the question. 

She had received a text message from Saydie 15 minutes ago and learned that Sunny was in trouble at the hospital. At that time, she did not think too much and rushed to the hospital immediately. Nollace, Cameron, Waylon, and Mahina were not around. If something were to happen to Sunny, how should she explain it to everyone? Besides, she wanted to do something for them as well. Even if they might not need her help, she did not want to be a freeloader who couldn‘t do anything.


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