The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1215

Boom… At three in the morning, the sound of Melvis manor’s door crashing down was too loud to ignore. Families from hundreds of meters away could hear it and were startled, thinking it was some explosion.
Alex’s jaw dropped open.
Not because of the great noise, but because of the technique that Aunt Rockefeller used. It was beautiful, with her in jeans and black boots. That kick was a perfect copy.
“Aunt, what was that style called?”
“Beauty’s Heart Sutra.”
“Only a woman can learn this style so you can forget about learning it, but it was beautiful, wasn’t it? That technique was called Jade’s Graceful Kick! Do you wanna try taking it?”
Arm in arm with Alex, aunt Rockefeller marched through the threshold without hesitation.
Ruby Lamar was currently on the east side villa of Melvis’s family home. A woman of advanced age, even though she was worried for the safety of her grandson, Tucker, her body could not withstand staying up, so she retired to her bedroom and slept.
She dreamt of Yvonne Wilmer coming back to life and asking for her life, forcing poisoned wine down her throat, wanting her to follow her down to sing with her. With her abnormally long tongue, it curled around her until she had her restrained.
At the moment, a huge racket pierced through her dream.
The nightmare vanished as Ruby awoke suddenly in a cold sweat, her face now a mask of terror.
“Thank god, it was only a nightmare!”
“Yvonne Wilmer, you wretched woman, enjoy your struggle in hell! You will never get back at me.”
As Ruby was muttering to herself, a soundwave came crashing in her direction. “Ruby Lamar and Bennett Melvis, come out this instance!”
“Come out this instance…”
The echoes of those words reverberated throughout the courtyard and house, giving everyone a headache.
Even if you were the deepest sleeper, you would awaken. Many martial artists in the Melvis household heard the commotion and got up immediately.
Sitting in the living room of the east side villa were Bennett Melvis, who couldn’t sleep because his son had been kidnapped, his wife, Ruby, and his daughter, Bailey. All three jumped up, startled, after hearing the screams.
“What’s going on?”
“I think I heard someone. Who wants you and mom to come out immediately?”
“I heard it too. It wasn’t my imagination! It‘s real!”
It only took a moment for Ruby to come running out in a flurry with her rumpled clothes. “Son, have there been any calls from Tucker’s side? Has Soraya called at all?”
Bennett shook his head. “No, I couldn’t get through to Soraya either!”
Ruby smacked the arms of the couch. “Something must’ve gone wrong!”
Ruby piped up. “The people outside that door, could they be the ones from California?”
In the middle of the conversation, a bunch of people rushed toward them. Among them was none other than Geronimo Melvis’s other wife, Lexia.
She was also one of the more important people in the Melvis family, an expert in martial arts, and a bodyguard.
Lexia was wearing snow white pajamas with a jacket draped around her shoulders. Even though she wasn’t a teenager anymore, she was still somewhat temperamental.
She asked Ruby point blank, “Big Sis, how come someone is looking for a fight here, even going as far as calling you by your full names? Who are they?”
Ruby rolled her eyes. “How am I supposed to know? Younger sister, bringing a crowd here like that… Is this an interrogation?”
“Of course not, I brought people here to protect you! To prevent any accidents from happening! ” Ruby stated.
“I have already sent Samberg with people to investigate the front door, but I fear the intruders may only be here to cause trouble for you all, so I called Alexis over as well, Big Sis, who do you think is brave enough to bust down the door of Melvis family home?”
Samberg and Alexis were the two remaining grandmasters that the Melvis family hired.
Bailey buffed. “It must be someone foolish who knew no respect.”


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