The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2122

Chapter 2122 

Cameron said with a hand under her chin, “Was it Mateo and his men?” 

Mahina nodded. “Mateo is Joaqin‘s trusted aide, and Joaqin trusts him fully. After news of Joaqin‘s murder surfaced, he was fine with Florence taking over, but after Manuel took over, he started suspecting him.” 

Cameron smiled. “Now that Joaqin is still alive and Manuel was the one who tried to murder him, there‘s no way that Mateo is going to let it slide.” 

Mahina pressed her lips together and said in a serious tone, “He won‘t, but Manuel has killed the people who spread the rumor. Now, most of the people in the gang don‘t dare go against him. So even if Mateo is planning a coup, the men might not follow him.” 

Cameron didn‘t speak. 

That was human nature. When people‘s lives were not at stake, they could just suspect and rise up against anyone. However, when Manuel killed someone to set an example, they knew where they stood. Thus, there was no harm in following the orders of whoever the leader was. 

Most people were afraid of dying, and no one would want to stick out, but as long as someone took action and succeeded, they would stand on that side. 

They didn‘t need Joaqin to be their leader. They would just follow whoever the leader was. 

Cameron squinted and laughed. “That‘s great.” 

Mahina was surprised. “Why would you say that?” 

“Having all that power isn‘t necessarily a good thing for Manuel.” Cameron turned to face Mahina. “Fabio doesn‘t care who the leader of The Serpents is as long as they obey him. Even if that person was the leader of The Serpents, they still had to listen to him, so what if Manuel starts disobeying?” Mahina immediately understood. “Fabio wouldn‘t let The Serpents overstep.” “Exactly.” Cameron smiled. “So, all we need to do is give them a push.” “Cameron!” Daisie‘s voice came from behind. They both turned and saw her walking over with Waylon. 

Mahina nodded. “Mr. Goldmann, Ms. Vanderbilt.” 

Cameron raised her eyebrows. “What are you here for?” Daisie held up the supplements. “We‘re here to visit Mr. Southern Sr.” She then opened the door of the room. 

When Sunny saw them, he was delighted. “Daisie and Wayne are here. You don‘t need to bring anything.” 

She smiled. “Waylon helped me pick these out.” 

Sunny couldn‘t stop smiling. “Put them down there. We‘re a family. Thanks for the gifts.” 

Cameron, who stood at the door, crossed her arms. She squinted when she heard ‘family‘. She didn‘t know that her family and the Goldmanns were now one. 

Mahina suddenly looked toward Cameron and Waylon, then at Sunny and how he cared a lot for the Goldmann siblings. She suddenly understood… She whispered to Cameron, “I‘m going to leave.” 

Cameron nodded, and Mahina left. 

The room was filled with Sunny‘s laughter as if Daisie and Waylon‘s visit was a joyful occasion. 

Cameron stood at the door. She had never seen her father so happy, even when he was making a big fortune. She looked at Waylon. “Why does my father love you two so much?” 


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