The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2121

Chapter 2121 Waylon consoled. “You‘re doing great.” They went downstairs together and saw the butler walking in with a chicken in his hand. 

Daisie was curious. “What‘s the occasion?” 

The butler didn‘t speak, but Cameron walked in from outside and said in a loud voice,“ There‘s no occasion. Wayne is hurt, and I heard that chicken helps.” 

Daisie smiled. “You‘re so nice to him.” 

Cameron sounded casual. “I‘m nice to everyone.” Daisie didn‘t know what to say. Was she overthinking? In the evening, Cameron, Daisie, and Waylon had chicken soup for dinner, which smelled delicious. 

Cameron handed the chicken soup to Waylon. “The chicken has contributed its life and essence to you, so you should have more of it.” Waylon smiled. “Thanks.” 

Daisie looked at them while she bit down on her fork, but before she said anything, Cameron handed her a bowl. “You‘ve been through a lot in the past two days, so you should drink more too.” 

Daisie forced a smile. “Thanks.” 

She thought there was no need to bet because Sunny must have overthought. 

There was no way to force Cameron and Waylon together, so it was best to let things develop naturally 

Cameron was getting a chicken piece when her fork clashed with another fork. She looked up, and it was Waylon‘s. 

Waylon didn‘t think that she would be going for the same piece, so when they both withdrew their forks, they said, “Go ahead.” 

The air froze for a second, then Cameron took the piece. “You‘re being too courteous.” Waylon smiled and didn‘t reply. Daisie looked at them suspiciously because she sensed that something felt off after they returned. “Did something happen between them?‘ 

After that, she was sure that it wouldn‘t be surprising even if something had happened when they were alone in the woods. Two days later… 

Cameron sat in the chair, slicing up an apple. Sunny was reading the newspaper when he read that Waylon was injured and suddenly asked, “Are Wayne‘s injuries bad?‘ She paused but didn‘t look up. “It‘s fine. His arm still works.” 

She remembered something and raised her brows. “Why do you care so much about him? 

He was old and injured as badly as he was, so why was he caring more about Waylon? 

Sunny laid the newspaper down on one side. “Why can‘t I care about him? He was hurt because he was with you. If you had to fight those people by yourself, do you think you could have survived?” 

The men had guns. Even if she was the best fighter in the world, would she be able to fight against bullets? 

Cameron sighed. “Sure, you‘re right.” 

Sunny scoffed. “You should treat him nicer.” 

She was very serious. “I‘ve made chicken soup for him. Isn‘t that nice enough?” 

He turned away and said, “You‘re not the one who made it.” Cameron placed the sliced apple on the plate and was very curious. “Dad, am I really your biological kid?” 

Sunny angrily rolled his eyes and ignored her. She was his own flesh and blood, but she was so 


Mahina knocked. “Sir.” 

Cameron got up and walked out with her. They stood in the corridor while Mahina told her about The Serpents. After the news that Joaqin was still alive and was almost murdered by Manuel spread, The Serpents had an internal dispute because some people were against Manuel being the leader. 


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