The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1219

Lexia‘s eyes widened, and she stared at Alex in shock.
“He… He’s Madame Brianna’s son?”
At that moment, Lexia went silent for a while, but Alex could hear her rapid breathing.
“Look for someone named Nickolas. I don’t know if he‘s still there, but if he is, perhaps he can give you answers.”
After saying that, Brittany hung up. Putting down the phone, Brittany took in large gulps of air. It was easy for a clever woman like her to figure out some things. She just never dared to believe it.
Putting down the phone, Alex’s expression was closed, shuttered by his mother’s words, ‘If there really was poison involved back then, who would be so cruel as to force a ten year old to drink it? Geronimo Melvis? That doesn’t seem very plausible. Which father would force his own blood daughter to drink poison?’
“Is there anyone here named Nickolas?” Alex’s body felt itchy. He was not good at controlling such murderous rage.
His heart ached for his own mother.
“Answer me!”
He stomped his feet, and a wave of immense power traveled downward into the ground, shaking and wobbling the building. Color drained from the faces of the onlookers, fearing that the building might collapse at any minute.
Lexia answered quickly and clearly. “I know, I know. Are you talking about Nickolas? He’s at the concierge! I’ll immediately send someone to fetch him… Daniel, hurry up and go call Nickolas over. Hurry!”
With that done, she looked at Alex again and asked, “You’re Yvonne’s grandson? What a relief… A great relief! Your grandfather has been searching for you all for many years! Who would ‘ve guessed, how big you’ve grown! Your grandmother, is she well?”
Alex laughed coldly. “I’m sorry, I have no grandfather!”
In a hurry, Nickolas was brought back. A short and skinny old man was ushered in. When he heard that someone had broken in, he was terrified. Now that he had been dragged here, however, he was even more scared than before because he had no idea what was going on.
“You are Nickolas?”
“My mother asked me to ask you how much you knew about her forced poisoning forty five years ago.”
Ruby opened her eyes wide, puzzled. What did this situation have to do with this old man?
‘Did he have any inside information?’
Nickolas’s gaze flickered. “You are…”
Alex snapped. “My mom’s name back then was Brianna Melvis!”
Nickolas’s entire body started to tremble violently. He knelt down on the ground, tears swimming in his eyes, and he exclaimed, ” Thank the gods! Lady Brianna? Little Miss B? I, Nickolas, have finally received news of you! So, you really are still alive! How glorious! How wonderful! As such, I now have no regrets before death!”
Alex was slightly moved by this scene. It seemed that his mother made him find this man all by himself for a reason.
In Ruby Lamar’s eyes, however, contempt and hatred swirled. She had an urge to instantly kill this old fossil. Thinking back, this rascal was her servant, but who knew, his heart was on Brianna’s side.
“Old man, get up first, please!” Alex lifted the old man to his feet.
Nickolas asked, “Are… Are you Lady Brianna’s son? I saw you when you were younger!”
He went down on his knees once more. Even Alex couldn’t hold him up.
He sobbed. “Little master, back then, I made a grave mistake to a grand guest. If it weren’t for Lady Brianna, who begged for my life on my behalf, I‘d be a rotting corpse! It is only right that I kneel before you as a servant”
Shock rippled through the onlookers.
Lexia opened her mouth and asked impatiently. “Nickolas, tell us quickly! What really happened back then? Why did Brianna specifically ask for you?”
Drying his eyes, Nickolas pointed a finger toward Ruby and Bennett. “It was them! All those years back, she fed poison to Madame Yvonne, and he fed it to Lady Brianna!”
Ruby snapped sharply, “Nonsense! You old man, how dare you use that despicable woman’s name to ruin me? You must be in a hurry to end your life!”
Those last few words fell off her lips.


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