The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2124

Chapter 2124 Cameron blinked. Her brain snapped back, and she pushed Waylon away. “You startled me!” She didn‘t notice and hit his arm, which made him wince. Cameron extended her hand to grab him. “Did I hit your wound? Let me see.” 

She then proceeded to take off his clothes. 

Waylon grabbed her hand. “I‘m fine.” 

“Let me take a look. If you‘re bleeding again, we‘ll go back and ask them to redo your bandages.” Cameron rambled on while Waylon gripped her wrist and took a deep breath. “Are you sure this is the best place to take off my clothes?” 

Cameron paused and looked back toward the entrance of the hospital. Everyone was looking at them with weird expressions. 

To them, one of the men was trying to remove the clothing of the other one. Was that appropriate? 

More importantly, Waylon‘s shirt started creasing, and since he was trying to stop her, it looked like he was being s*xually harassed. 

She let go of him but wasn‘t done with it. She dragged him into the hospital. “I‘ll check in the consultation room.” 

In the room… 

Waylon removed his shirt, and the doctor removed the gauze on his arm and was shocked.” How did you get this wound?‘ 

Cameron leaned against the door. “Gunshot. The bullet has been removed, and the wound was cleaned previously.” 

The doctor looked at her. “He should still be rushed to the hospital.” 

Cameron looked away and mumbled, “I couldn‘t at that time…” The doctor shook his head. “You know how chaotic the island can get. You young people should try to stay put. Look how long you‘ve been hurt. It‘s even infected now. Even if it was cleaned previously, you still need to come to the hospital to get it checked.” Cameron looked at Waylon in shock. “Have you been cleaning your wound ever since we got back?” 

She had assumed that Waylon would come to the hospital to get it checked, and she hadn‘t been paying attention. He didn‘t speak, which showed that that was true. Cameron turned her face away. “I‘m glad I dragged you here, or your arm might just be disabled.” 

Waylon laughed. 

The doctor cleaned the wound again, applied some medication, told him what to pay attention 

to, and gave him the bill. Waylon slowly put his shirt back on and didn‘t mind that Cameron was there. 

Cameron looked away uneasily. ‘Had he always had such a great body?’ 

After the doctor gave him the receipt, he took it, said thanks, and left. Cameron pretended to be checking the time. 

Waylon saw how red her ears were and chuckled. “You were trying to take off my shirt downstairs, but now you‘re shy?” 

Cameron was stunned and subconsciously touched her ears. 

Waylon smiled even wider when he saw how awkward she was. She grabbed Waylon by the collar. “Enough nonsense.” 

Waylon looked down at her and raised his brows. 

The doctor‘s pen dropped to the floor, and he was shocked because he heard something unexpected… 

Cameron let go and left. After they walked away, the doctor took a deep breath. “That was Mr. Southern? That‘s why he hasn‘t married yet. He‘s gay.” He was glad he didn‘t make it obvious, or he might have to say goodbye to his job. It wasn‘t easy being a doctor on this island. A few days after Sunny removed his stitchings, he was discharged. To avoid another accident, the cars that went to fetch him were anti–collision and bulletproof. Mahina, who sat in the passenger‘s seat, turned around. “Sir, we‘ve secretly gotten Joaqin Serrano. We have enough care workers to take care of him, so Manuel won‘t be able to get to him any time soon.”


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