The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1217

“You… You’re talking shit!”
“You’re the one who can’t get it up! I can even raise dumbbells at my age!”
Bennett was blinded by rage. What was more humiliating and degrading to a man than to be accused of being unable to get it up?
Ruby Lamar burst out in anger. “Stop spouting your lies! My son had two sons! What do you mean he can‘t reproduce? Who are you? A madman? How dare to come into the Melvis family home and cause such a disgrace! You must be sick of living!”
Alex gently shook his head. “That can only mean one thing, that those two grandchildren aren’t yours. If you don‘t believe me, feel free to do a DNA test.”
After a halt, he kicked Tucker again. “Alright, it’s done. If you really are Bennett’s son, you would’ve been dead. But since you aren’t, I’m willing to let you go free. You can get out of here now!”
If he were the Tucker from before, he would’ve taken this chance without hesitation.
God knew how much he wished this was all a nightmare, but Alex’s words hit home and made him think, ‘If Bennett isn’t father, who was? This man has no reason to lie as he is powerful enough to beat up grandmasters just like that.’
“How… How do you know that I… I am not my father’s child?”
Alex smiled. “What’s so difficult? One look and I knew you weren’t his child.”
“Then… Who’s my real father?”
“You’ll have to ask your mother about that!” Alex whirled around and his gaze landed on the man next to Ruby.
He had noticed how the man had been staring at him earlier, visibly filled with hatred. Now that he had revealed that Bennett wasn’t Tucker’s father, his features showed panic and horror.
‘Huh, something is very wrong with this man!’
Alex smiled and pointed towards him while telling Tucker, “I think that man over there looks quite like you!”
As soon as the words were out, everyone couldn’t help but turn and gaze at the man in question. Ruby’s cousin was also a martial artist, but one with limited abilities, he was only at Intermediate-Royal rank.
“That’s absolutely impossible! You really spit out nonsense blindly! That is my sister-in-law’s cousin, who had an injury when he was younger that caused him to be unable to reproduce.” Bailey refuted that statement immediately.
Aunt Rockefeller added. “The way I see it, they do both look similar.”
Lexia couldn’t take it anymore.
‘These guys broke into my house and caused a huge commotion, only to find out who Tucker’s real father is?’
“Both of you! Why did you break into our home in the middle of the night?”
“Also, what happened to my granddaughter?”
“Who’s your granddaughter?” Alex asked.
Lexia snapped, “My granddaughter is the captain of the Divine Constabulary, Soraya Melvis!”
“Oh…” Alex pursed his lips. “She’s still alive!”
“Where is she now?”
“I didn’t come here to discuss your granddaughter’s well being and whereabouts with you.” Alex’s mood shifted, and he looked towards Ruby Lamar. “You are Geronimo Melvis’s first wife, Ruby Lamar?”
“You bastard, you dare speak to my mother?” Bailey fumed.
Alex’s forehead wrinkled, he glared at Bailey. “For interrupting my speech, slap yourself silly!”
A wave of mental energy was released.
As if possessed, Bailey began to slap herself across her cheeks with both hands. No one in the crowd dared to interfere.
It took only a short while for bruises to form and blood to flow.
Ruby began screaming at her in horror. “Bailey, stop, stop it! Have you gone mad?”
However, Bailey couldn’t and wouldn’t stop, even after blood wouldn’t stop flowing from her nose, as if each slap was harder than the last. The only sounds in the room were the sounds of skin connecting with delicate cheekbones. Finally, she fainted and fell down on the floor with her own hands.
Ruby, shaking in fear and terror, pointed at Alex while screaming, “You, you monster! Guards, guards, are all of you dead? Why aren’t you stopping this monster?”
However, with the charred body of Samberg unmoving like a piece of coal, no one dared to step up.


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