The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1218

Alex explained. “You need not fear me so much. I won‘t do much to you… For now. I just want to make one thing clear! Forty five years ago, was it you who forced poisoned wine upon Yvonne Wilmer and Brittany Rockefeller?”
His voice was sharp, clearly demanding an answer. After he was done, Ruby’s legs started to shake uncontrollably, as if an entire mountain weighed on her shoulders. She could barely stand anymore.
Lexia was planning to call in reinforcements from the Divine Constabulary and even more from Alaska to back Alex into a corner. However, at Alex’s question, her thoughts were put to a halt.
‘What is this situation?’
She stared at Alex, the wheels turning in her head. What had happened back then… She remembered everything so vividly.
Yvonne and Brianna had gone missing on a very stormy night. A typhoon warning was even called. He heard that the Red Guard had found new evidence of Yvonne working with the underground, and they wanted to arrest her for questioning.
Geronimo threw a fit, running outside to take care of it, yet he never came back during the night.
That was the night that they went missing. Nonetheless, no one knew where either of them went. After Geronimo came back without wife nor daughter, he nearly tore the house apart in rage.
Back then, Ruby had said something along the lines of, “Perhaps Yvonne didn‘t want to drag Geronimo down with her.”
After that day, Geronimo never stopped looking for them. Years. He spent years searching but to no avail.
‘Who would’ve thought that forty five years later, someone would come knocking to ask if Ruby had poisoned Yvonne and Brianna. There had to be some sort of story to this case.’
Thus, Lexia kept her mouth shut and watched the scene unfold in silence.
Ruby yelled. “You’re saying nonsense again! Why would I poison them?”
“You’re lying!”
“Believe it or not, I have many methods to make you give me the truth.”
The words had just left Alex’s mouth when Aunt Rockefeller grabbed thin air and along with it. Under half a second, she held a golden feathered arrow and angled the tip underneath Bennett’s throat.
“Tell us the truth, or your son dies!” she said in simple words.
Ruby shook her head. “I told you I didn’t do it. Even if you kill him, I’m still not guilty of poisoning them.”
She was sure that if she were to come clean and confess everything, not only would her son die, but everyone from her bloodline would suffer. So, even if her son were to die, she still wouldn’t say anything!
The sound of the arrow piercing through skin echoed through the room. Aunt Rockefeller had shoved the arrow right through Bennett’s jaw.
Fresh blood dripped down, drop by drop. Bennett was so terrified that shivers wracked his body, and all he could do was choke and splutter.
Aunt Rockefeller had locked his meridians in place using spiritual energy, so even moving a finger would prove difficult for him.
At the scene, the face of every member in the Melvis family changed in a flash.
Ruby screamed, “You bastard! Bastard! I told you I didn’t do it, so I didn‘t do it! If you dare kill my son, I will kill you and that wretched woman even after my death!”
Lexia frowned. “Young man, I don’t know who you are, but I can prove to you that Yvonne and Brianna left on their own that year. They were not poisoned. We even went out to look for them! Do you know who they are?”
Beep… beep… beep…
Alex’s phone received a call and saw from the caller ID that it was his mother, Brittany herself.
‘Speak of the devil.’
“Still not asleep yet, mom?”
“I heard that you went to confront the Melvis family at their home! How could I sleep after hearing that?”
“Mom, I just want to find out one thing. Back then, were you and grandmother forced to drink poisoned wine? Who did it? Zachary told me it couldn’t have been Geronimo Melvis!”


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