The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2123

Chapter 2123 Waylon turned to look at her. “Why do you ask that?” Cameron looked helpless. “He always has a smile plastered on his face ever since you came over. Even Nollace doesn’t receive this treatment.” Waylon smiled. “I guess it‘s our fault.” 

Cameron thought for a while and leaned closer to him. “Are you going to acquire the Southern Clan?” 

Why else would her father think of them as ‘family‘? Waylon looked at how serious she looked and couldn’t help but smile. “What do you think?” 


The rolled–up newspaper hit her foot, and she looked up at Sunny. “You keep making your own assumptions. There‘s no acquisition. Do you think money falls from the sky? Acquisitions don‘t happen so easily.” 

Cameron picked up the newspaper. “How you treat them is so different.” Sunny smirked and looked proud. She just couldn‘t understand. 

“Fine, I’ll leave then.” She gave the paper to Waylon, then turned and left. Daisie was going to go after her, but Sunny stopped her. “Willy, go speak to that kid. How could she suspect us?” Daisie was rendered speechless. She understood what the old man was trying to do. Waylon looked at Sunny, nodded, and left. 

Daisie looked worried. “Is that a little over the board?” 

Cameron didn‘t know what was on his mind. What if she misunderstood? How would they explain it? Sunny picked up the flask. “Do you think the girl is angry? She‘s not such a petty person.” Daisie sat down. “How would you know?” 

“She‘s my daughter. Of course I know.” Sunny slowly drank his water and continued.” Cameron has always been by my side her entire life. I can‘t keep her on the island forever. I‘ve thought about it. After everything has ended, even if her identity hasn‘t been exposed, I will do it myself. 

“All parents hope their children will stay close to them, but everyone hopes that their children are happy. If she had to stay on the island by sacrificing her happiness, I wouldn‘t want that.” 

Daisie was stunned and looked down. 

Cameron walked to the car and was going to open the door when she saw someone walking over through the reflection on the window. She turned around. “Why are you here?” 

He said, “He‘s worried about you.” 

Cameron smiled. “He doesn‘t seem like someone who would worry about me.” 

Waylon squinted. Sunny hadn‘t said he was worried, but that didn‘t mean that he didn‘t care 

about this daughter of his. “He doesn‘t have to say it.” She crossed her arms. “You‘re not his son, so how do you know what he thinks?‘ He raised his eyebrows. “Are you his son then?‘ Cameron rested her elbow on the top of the car. “I am playing the part.” 

He smiled. “But you‘re not a man.” 

“You‘re being a s*xist.” “You‘re putting words in my mouth.” When a man on a bike rode part, Waylon dodged it, leaned forward, and quickly supported himself by slamming his hand on the car door. 

Cameron leaned back on the door and looked up at him. There was less than half an inch in between them. 

A mother and son walked out of the hospital, and the son pointed at them. “Mom, the two men there are kissing!” “Shh! Look away.” The mother covered his mouth and guided him away quickly. 


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