The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1220

Alex’s palm collided with her cheek.
“You’re the one who’s in a hurry to end their lives!”
Lexia glanced at Ruby and encouraged Nickolas to continue speaking, “As long as you stick to the truth, I’ll let you make the choices.”
“Thank you, Madame Lexia! This is how the situation happened. I fell asleep in the tool shed and heard Madame Ruby and Madame Yvonne walking in. Following them were the ancient iron guards.”
“I heard Madame Ruby accusing Madame Yvonne of being a spy for the underground. He wanted to poison her, but since she resisted, he had the guards hold her down and forced her to drink the poison.”
“Afterward, I also saw Master Bennett forcing Lady Brianna to drink the poison. After they were done, they left, saying that they would take care of the bodies after they decompose.”
“Since I felt indebted to Lady Brianna, I could not just stand by and watch them die. Good thing I had an antidote to the poison. After I fed it to them, I helped them to escape this family.”
It wasn’t until later that I discovered that Master wasn’t the one who administered the poison, but it was Madame. It was you that had wanted to poison Madame Yvonne and Lady Brianna.”
After Nickolas finished his story, Alex roared, enraged. “So you people were the ones who did it!”
Even Lexia rebuked them. “Big Sis, how could you even dare do such a thing?”
Ruby chuckled coldly, “You really believe everything he says? Who‘s to say he didn’t plan this all out with that evil woman to ruin my life? Maybe the younger one is just as wicked as this old sack of bones, helping his daughter tear me down. If you believe this rubbish, you really are a fool!”
Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!
Alex raised his hand and delivered four quick slaps in rapid succession.
Being as old as she was, her teeth were already close to none. Now, there really wasn’t any left.
“You little brat… Having the audacity to hit me?! I swear, I…” She raised her voice to a roar.
Before she could say anything more, Alex flicked a tiny black object directly into her mouth. With a gulp, she swallowed it. She could feel it entering her throat.
After that, she could feel it climb down her throat. Then, disgust and nausea built up inside her.
“What did you give me?”
“Ugh… Blargh…”
Try as she might, she couldn’t regurgitate it. It was just impossible. Within minutes, it had reached her stomach.
Alex said in a monotonous voice, “Do you know about the Legend of Sword and Fairy?”
Her eyes bulged. “What… What is that?”
Suddenly she felt the thing inside her stomach. It started to itch, causing her to press her stomach. But soon, she started scratching, and she couldn’t stop. She even tore her clothes to try to ease the itch, her nails dragging across her stomach, leaving behind bloody trails in their wake.
“What… What is this thing?”
“Have you ever heard of the Canyonland parasitic worms?”
Many martial artists backed up in a hurry, away from Ruby.
The name itself was enough to make people avoid it like the plague.
“They say that when that thing poisons you, death would be a blessing!”
With this, Ruby rolled around the floor, scratching and scratching, desperately trying to relieve the insatiable itch while letting out cries of despair and agony.
Bennett was shouting at her to stop. “Mother, mother! Stop scratching! If you keep scratching, you’re going to scratch your skin raw!”
Alex interrupted him in a chilling tone. “Oh, no need to shout… You’ll get your due too!”
As he said that, he held up a black poisonous pill next to his lips.
“Here, open wide!”


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