The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2126

Chapter 2126 Cameron caressed her watch and chuckled. “Do you really think Manuel will be loyal to you?Fabio replied matter–of–factly, “I don‘t know if he‘ll be loyal to me or not, but one thing I‘m very sure of is that he doesn‘t have the guts to do anything wild in my place.” “Yeah, you‘re right. After all, if he dares to do anything wild, you won’t be using him anymore.” Fabio frowned as he seemed to be mulling over her sentence. 

Cameron‘s smile deepened as she continued. “A subordinate who suddenly gained the power to govern over an organization. Initially, he‘s supposed to serve you, but we don‘t even know who he’s serving. After all, I’m pretty sure that you‘re not the one who instructed him to do what he‘s doing, right, Mr. Puzo?” 

Her words were sharp, and the atmosphere froze. There was dead silence in the hall, and nobody dared to make even the slightest noise. 

Fabio took a sip from his tea as his face sank. 

It was only now that he realized how good Cameron was at talking. She had a sharp tongue and could always hit the bullseye. It was true that he was not the one who had instructed Manuel to do those things. He had only agreed to Manuel taking over The Serpents because Florence would only cause trouble and ruin his plans. 

After Manuel took over The Serpents, he began to unleash a series of attacks on the Southern Clan. He allowed Manuel to do so because he was in need of someone who could keep the Southern Clan occupied. 

After all, it was not a bad thing to him if Manuel could keep the Southern Clan busy. All he had to do was observe from the sidelines and then strike at the right moment. This would save him a lot of time and effort. 

However, after listening to what Cameron said, he couldn‘t help but begin to think about his plans again. 

“You‘re really good at sowing discord, Mr. Southern.” 

Cameron knew that he wouldn‘t believe her that easily, but she was confident that he must have started to doubt Manuel. 

She smiled and replied, “I don‘t have to do that at all. It depends on you whether you choose to believe me or not. If you don‘t believe in me, there‘s nothing I can do either.” 

She slowly rose to her feet and added. “Mr. Puzo, people always say that those who watch the fire from the side will get burned as well, so you‘d better be careful. Also, when The Serpents were still in charge of The Commune, they took a sum of money from us. “If Manuel is willing to give the money to you, that means he‘s completely loyal to you. After all, I also would like to find out how loyal Manuel can be.” 

Cameron left with her men after she finished speaking. 

Buchanon‘s face sank as he hissed. “How dare this brat sow discord between you and the Serpents?” 

“Are you sure that he‘s sowing discord?” Fabio glanced at him. Buchanon stammered and asked, “Is… Is he not?” 

Fabio put his cup on the table and said, “Doesn‘t he know I will check? Besides, he wouldn‘t have come to me unprepared if he didn‘t have some information on his hands.” 

Cameron was confident that he would look into it after what she said. 

After Cameron left the Parkin Chamber of Commerce, she went to Yuzu Villa. Damian was waiting for her at Yuzu Villa with snacks and tea. When he saw her, he said, “Your father was worried sick when he learned that you went to see Mr. Puzo at the Parkin Chamber of Commerce.” 

Playing with the cup, Cameron said, “He told you about it?” 

Damian chuckled. “Yeah, he‘s worried about you, so he asked me to send someone to keep an eye on you from the outside of the Parkin Chamber of Commerce.” 

She placed her hand on her forehead. “No wonder I had a feeling that someone was watching me when I came out.” 

Damian poured a cup of tea and continued helplessly. “You‘re your father‘s only son, so you shouldn‘t make him worry about you so much.” 

The corner of her lips twitched as she put the cup down. “He‘s the one who keeps making me worry. He‘s in his 505, yet he still has the guts to fight with other people. See, so he‘s in the hospital now.” 

If he had told her about Joaqin earlier, Manuel wouldn‘t have had the chance to ambush them. 

Damian chuckled, “Alright, let‘s not talk about this. It‘s almost time for you to get a wife. I think the pretty little girl who came to the restaurant to pack some snacks today is quite a good match for you.”


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