The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1221

Gulp! The pill of black parasitic worm went into Bennett’s stomach without any barrier. Soon, he acted the same as his mother, clawing and scratching himself while rolling on the ground and wailing to the sky.
It turned out that once the parasitic worm fell into one’s stomach, no matter if it was a half-stepped Grandmaster or a dying old woman, the result would be the same.
Seeing such a tragic scene, the rest of Melvises could not help but feel their blood ran cold.
Alex snapped his finger.
Ruby and Bennett immediately quiet down and the extraordinarily feeling of itchiness on their bodies earlier disappeared all of a sudden. However, when the two took a closer look at their own stomachs, they let out a high pitched scream. On top of their stomachs were full of bloodied wounds scratched by themselves.
They were badly mutilated, it was a horrific sight.
What was even more disgusting was some little fleshy worms actually crawling around the wounds. A few of them could not help but started puking.
“Ah! Ah! What is this? What is this thing?”
“Quick! Get rid of it for me! Get it off! ” Ruby screamed madly.
Since when she, who had always been living a life of luxury, had ever experienced such a treatment?
Alex said calmly, “This kind of parasitic worm pill has a very beautiful name. It’s known as the heart scratching parasite of a hundred days. To put it bluntly, it is a type of rare spider but they reproduce very quickly. Look, the little spider worms came out in such a short time! These worms have to eat three meals a day. Every time, it’s the taste you’ve just experienced. Moreover, the duration will last longer every time.”
Aunt Rockefeller frowned.
“How could you have this kind of stuff? It’s so disgusting. If you have this kind of stuff on you in the future, don’t ever touch me!”
Alex was dumbfounded. “For God’s sake, when did I ever touch you? You’re the one who kept touching me, okay? I’m not even the Condor Hero.”
Their conversation made the people want to laugh but really, they could not laugh at all!
That Grandmaster surnamed Alexis said in shock, “I’ve heard about this kind of parasitic worm before. It’s very powerful. A hundred days later, these spiders will all mature. Then, they will eat up the flesh and blood of their host, and emerge from the skin. By then, the host will be dead.”
Everyone was horrified when they heard it, with a touch of chills rising from the soles of their feet to the top of their heads. They immediately took a few steps backward as they were all afraid of being infected by these parasitic worms.
Ruby’s face was full of resentment.
On the other hand, Bennett could not take it anymore. He still did not want to die, let alone die in such a terrible way. He kneeled on the ground with a thud and waited. “I beg you, please let me go. I’ll give you whatever that you want. I can give you money and power. I’ll let you be the general manager of Divine Constabulary. You have to help me to get rid of the parasitic worms, I don’t want to die yet!”
Alex said, “Do you know you’re guilty?”
Bennett knocked his head against the ground continuously. “Yes, I know I’m guilty, and I admit my crimes. I shouldn’t have fed poisonous wine to your mother. I was wrong, I really know that I was wrong! It was her, she forced me to do so. I was still young back then and I was forced to do so too.”
To his surprise, in order for him to survive and get rid of the parasitic worms inside him, he personally accused his own mother. “It’s because she was jealous of your grandmother’s ability. She was jealous that your grandmother was prettier than her, and she was even loved by my father. That was why she set up a trap with the Red Guard back then to frame your grandmother by intentionally saying that your grandmother had collaborated with foreign enemies to subvert the foundation of the country. Look for my mother if you want to seek revenge, don’t come after me!”
Ruby looked at her own son with a face of disbelief. Her lips were trembling non stop.
This was the son whom she had been treating him like a treasure since he was young. In the end, this was actually the result. She yelled like a devil, “Bennett, in your eyes, do you still see me as your mother?”
Bennett cried and said, “Mom, you’re going to have your eightieth birthday soon. You’ve almost lived long enough, but I’m only fifty six years old. I still have a long life ahead of me. just admit it yourself, don’t drag me down anymore.”


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