The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1222

Seeing the pair of mother and son saving their own faces in such a way before the situation of life and death, the people next to them could not help but sighed.
Alex waved his hand. “Enough. Stop passing the buck to each other here. It’s useless no matter how you shirk the responsibility! Next, I’ll give you three months’ time. You have to come to my grandmother’s grave and knock your heads to the ground every day in order to repent of your sins. Three months later, I’ll decide if I want to remove the parasites in regards to your performances.”
Bennett was dumbfounded. “Need… Need three months?”
“Then, can you keep the parasitic worms from attacking us within these three months?”
Alex grunted. “What are you thinking? This is a punishment for you. Remember, my grandmother’s grave is at the Long Beach’s Lofty Hill Cemetery. Won’t you just get out of my face now? Do you want to increase the number of times you’re eaten by the worms every day?”
A shiver ran through Bennett’s body. He really did not want to feel that feeling again. He immediately pulled his mother, Ruby and left the villa.
Then, Alex looked toward Nickolas. “Uncle Nickolas, apart from this pair of mother and son, who else were involved in this matter back then? Are the people from the Red Guard back then still alive? And, those ancient iron guards whosoever?”
Nickolas shook his head. “I’m not sure about the people of the Red Guard. But the ancient iron guards are already dead. According to my guess, they were poisoned by the eldest Madame in order to silence the witnesses! Sigh, I’ve sinned as well. I’ve always been afraid that the eldest Madame might kill me, so I never dare to be honest with Master. I’m truly sorry toward Third Lady and Third Madame,” The old man said as he was about to kneel down.
Alex said, “Uncle Nickolas, since when have you sinned? You were kind to my grandmother and my mother! I, Alex Rockefeller, shall repay this kindness! I owe you a favor. No matter what it is, as long as it isn’t something anti human, I can promise you that it will be effective at any time.”
Nickolas panicked replied, “Young Master, there is really no need. I… I’m actually diagnosed with a terminal illness and death is not far away from me. Before I die, I can still hear the news of Third Lady. I can truly rest in peace now!”
“Terminal illness?” Alex looked at him twice.
Immediately afterwards, he grabbed his arm and checked his pulse.
His gaze was fixed as he said, “Pancreas cancer?”
Nickolas said in surprise, “Young Master, you even know the art of medicine? You could actually tell my problem at a glance?”
Alex calmly replied, “I know a bit about the art of medicine. You’re at the last stage of your pancreas cancer. But don’t worry, it’s not an incurable illness. You’ve been greatly kind to my mother and I’ll definitely help you to recover without any relapse.”
“Huh?” Nickolas was dumbfounded with his eyes widened.
The eyes of other people looking at Alex became odd as well.
“But this is a late stage cancer, which means that the cancer cells have spread throughout the body. How are you supposed to cure it? I’ll admit that your martial arts are great and your skills in parasitic diseases are even better. However, saying that you could cure a late stage cancer, you must be joking.”
“You don’t believe me? I know a contemporary Immortal Doctor. I’ll help you to ask for an elixir tomorrow. I’ll guarantee that the disease will be removed once the elixir is arrived. just wait patiently at the Melvis’s residence!”
He paused and swept a cold glance at the crowd. “Listen carefully, all of you. Whoever dares to harm Uncle Nickolas, I’ll definitely give him a heart scratching parasite of a hundred days.”
“Aunt, let’s go!”
“Hold on!” just when Alex and Aunt Rockefeller were about to leave, Lexia suddenly shouted and walked over. She looked at Alex. “Your grandfather has never given up on the search for your grandmother and your mother. If he ever finds out about you and your mother, he’d surely be very happy. In any case, this is also your home. Would you like to meet your grandfather?”


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