The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1223

Alex suddenly laughed when he heard the term. Then, he said, “The word ‘grandfather’ has never existed in my dictionary! It’s never therein the past and it will never be there in the future. I don’t care about anything in the Melvis family!”
After a pause for a moment, he instructed Nickolas again. “I’ll bring the pill to you latest by tomorrow night. As for the previous promise, it’s still valid!”
After saying this, Alex and Aunt Rockefeller walked out of the Melvis family’s compound.
Unexpectedly, they saw Zachary who had a nervous expression at the entrance. He was nervously looking around at the entrance, as if he wanted to look at the situation inside.
“Uncle Zachary, you still couldn’t help but come!” Alex said as he chuckled.
Zachary immediately let out a breath of relief when he saw Alex coming out intact. He said, “I was worried that something would happen to you! There are many skilled martial artists in the Melvis family, and they even have two Grandmasters in charge of the family. The constabulary‘s president is in seclusion now too, so he wouldn’t know that you’re his grandson at all! But now that I see you coming out safely, I’m relieved!”
After saying this, he then asked, “How was the matter? Have you figured out everything?”
Alex replied, “Everything is clear now. My grandma and my mom were indeed harmed by Ruby Lamar and Bennett Melvis. ”
“It really was her? This woman is too vicious!”
“Uncle Zachary, it has been a long night and you must be tired as well. Why don’t you go back and rest early!”
“I’m not tired. I… Can I go in and have a look?”
Alex glanced at him and said with a smile, “This isn’t my house. There’s nothing to do with me if you want to go in!”
At this moment, Aunt Rockefeller said, “I’m a little hungry. Alex, let’s go and find a place to eat!”
She nodded her head at Zachary. It was considered as a greeting. They both left the Melvises’ residence, side by side.
At this moment, it was half past three in the midnight. The two of them only stayed inside the Melvises’ residence the entire time for half an hour. However, if the incident happened within this half an hour was spread to the public, it would be enough to stir up the entire Alaska, and even the entire world of martial arts.
“Mom, the matter is settled!” Alex gave Brittany a call.
He knew that she was surely not asleep yet. He told her the entire result of how he had handled Ruby and Bennett.
Brittany nodded her head and said, “Alex, you’ve grown up. You’ve handled it very well! I didn’t expect that the entire matter is like this!”
Alex asked, “Mom, the truth is out now. I heard that Geronimo Melvis has been searching for you until now. You… Would you meet him again?”
There was a moment of silence.
Brittany said, “After all these years, I’ve long forgotten what he looked like! Regardless of the rights and wrongs back then, those are no longer important to me ages ago! Now, there’s only one person that matters in my life, that’s you!”
“Mom, actually, Dad is…”
Aunt Rockefeller hurriedly pulled him, causing Alex to immediately stop.
He nearly mentioned the matter that William Rockefeller was not dead. Now, it was truly not the right time yet.
“Right, back then, Nickolas got cancer and I’ve promised him that I’ll cure him as a favor to his kindness!” Alex immediately changed the topic. “I’ll probably have to stay in Alaska for another one or two days. I’ll concoct a pill for him tomorrow.”
Brittany nodded her head. “Alright. You should be careful over there. Alaska is different from California. The nobles are everywhere. If you were to slightly offend a person, he might be a member of the top-notch family. Hence, you should try to hold your temper as much as possible whenever you’re outside.”
“Don’t worry, Mom! Sooner or later, our Rockefeller family will become the greatest family in America!”
“Okay, okay. Then, you should hurry to marry Waltz and Maya, and give me a few grandchildren to play with. A family with only the two of us can’t be called a powerful family.”
The voice in the phone was slightly loud and Aunt Rockefeller could hear everything clearly. Her expression darkened on the spot. ‘Hmph! How greedy!’
At the Melvises’ residence, the moment Zachary stepped into the east side of the villa, he was immediately surrounded by Lexia, Samberg, Alexis and the others.
“Guardian Xavier, you came just in time!”
“A man and a woman were here just now, The man was Brianna Melvis’s son!”


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