The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2129

Chapter 2129 Fabio sat on the sofa in his bathrobe and put his arm around the blonde beauty beside him. The beauty was nestled in his arms, smiling at him obediently. 

Manuel walked forward and lowered his head. “Mr. Puzo.” 

Fabio lifted the glass on the table in front of him and nudged at the beauty. As the beauty poured wine into the glass, he asked, “I heard that you secretly took the money from The Commune’s account into your own pocket?” 

Manuel was stunned. Even Joaqin did not know that he had taken the money, so how would Fabio know about it? 

As Fabio took a sip from the glass of wine, he lifted his eyes to look at him grimly. “It seems like Cameron wasn‘t lying at all. You indeed have taken the money.” 

Manuel felt a chill down his spine. He did not expect Cameron to realize the missing money on The Commune‘s account at all. 

*D*mn it! Why does he have to get in my way every time!?‘ 

“Mr. Puzo, it‘s true that I took the money.” 

He did not dare to lie to Fabio. Mustering up courage, he said, “But I took the money for you, Mr. Puzo.” 

Fabio squinted. “For me?” 

“Joaqin was afraid of Mr. Southern Sr., so he rejected your offer again and again. I think he didn‘t have any intention of forming an alliance with you at all. If I hadn‘t killed Joaqin, The Serpents wouldn‘t have defected to you. I intended to release The Serpents from the Southern Clan‘s control, so I took the money from The Commune‘s account to make Mr. Southern Sr. suspect Joaqin and to sow discord between them. It‘s just that I didn‘t expect that Mr. Southern Sr. didn‘t take the bait at all.” 

He spoke with indignation as if everything he had done was to lead The Serpents to defect to Fabio, bring down the Southern Clan, and sever the relationship between Joaqin and Sunny. Swirling the wine glass in his hand, Fabio fell silent for a while before smiling. “If that‘s the case, thank you then.” 

Manuel smiled back at him. “I‘m willing to do anything as long as I can help you, Mr. Puzo.” 

“So that means the money is in your hands now, right?” Manuel’s smile froze. 

Fabio put the glass on the table and looked at him fixedly, “Since you said you did it for me, then how about you help me to fill in the amount of money that Parkin Chamber of Commerce lost because of Mr. Peralta?” Manuel clenched his fists tightly and forced a smile on his face. “Of course, I can. B–But I need some time to get the money.” “I‘ll give you three days.” 

After that, Fabio left with the blonde beauty in his arms, leaving Manuel alone behind in the private room Fabio did not need the money at all. He was just testing him for his loyalty. He would never allow anyone who worked under him to be loyal to anyone else besides him. If Manuel couldn‘t get the money out in the next three days, then he would be in big trouble, The next day, at the Southern residence… 

Sunny was playing chess with Daisie in the courtyard. Daisie looked around and leaned forward. “Mr. Southern Sr., are you the one who spread the rumors?” 

She had heard the rumors about Cameron when she went to the training center this morning. 

Sunny chuckled, “What do you think? It‘s a nice move, isn‘t it?” The corner of Daisie‘s lips twitched. “Yeah, that‘s a hell of a move.” 

“What are you guys talking about?” When Cameron came out of her room, she saw that her father was mumbling something to Daisie. Daisie grinned at her and replied, “We‘re talking about chess.” Sunny suddenly smacked her hand away and said, “How can you checkmate me again? Can‘t you show me some mercy?” 


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